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NEW SOUNDS: Olympic Black “Lab Rats”

“About a Dream” is the first discographic work of the band Olympic Black, consolidated by 4 tracks that reflect the well defined indie rock/pop sound and warm melodies that make the sound of the band easy to enjoy for all kinds of listeners, showing their influences from the English music, such as Foals and The Smiths. The EP “About a Dream” was mixed and recorded at Insular studios by Juan Manuel Mendez and mastered by Gabriel Molina. It has accomplished a very good reception from the public, winning recognition in the media and nominations at indie music awards. The English sound of the band, with english lyrics and catchy rhythms, shows itself as a great proposal for the English-chilean music industry.

This is one of my favorite genres of music. And I must add that this track did not disappoint. There’s this really unique and relatable indie vibe I hear in this track that really gives that pop/rock sound. Production is phenomenal! This band is such a well blended combination of talent and sounds. The lyrics are simple and allows you to really enjoy the music as well. Such a smooth and relaxing track; one that I hope to hear more from!

Don't forget to check out Olympic Black's "About a Dream" on Spotify, and scroll below to find their exclusive interview!

Hey! Care to introduce yourselves?

We are a indie pop band from Santiago, Chile, a thin and long country from South America. Our members are Benjamín Caro (vocals, guitar), Luis López (lead guitar), Ignacio Sanhueza (bass) and María José Ibacache (drums). We are all young folks that are no older than 22 years old.

How did the band form?

We were all from the same school, María José is two years younger than the rest of us, but that was the place were we met each other. After finishing high school, we decided to form a band, which at the beginning had another drummer, but after a while he left the band and María José decided to join us. We decided to stay like this and we feel very comfortable about it.

What do you think sets you apart from the competition?

We believe we have catchy rhythms and we condensed a lot of our influences in our songs, such as Foals, The smiths, etc. While listening to our songs you can get a hint of something you might know but you will get something new as well. We like leaving people with a sensation of a “Deja Vù”, a feeling of you may have heard this somewhere but it’s nothing like any particular band.

What is the backstory behind “Lab Rats”?

Lab Rats it’s a metaphor, it tries to explain the feeling that you get when you are with a special person while at a party you’re hanging out with friends, and you kind of start feeling a good vibe and maybe you like that person a little, and throughout the party you really enjoy this persons company. But in the inside you know you don’t want this to be just a moment at a party, sadly you realize that the other person just wants to hangout while the party lasts but you don’t only want that.                     That’s what the song tries to explain, that weird feeling of only being a “party hookup” even if you are having a good time, you can’t shake that bitter feeling of knowing that things aren’t gonna turn out the way that you want to.

Where can listeners find your music?

You can find our music at any platforms. Our Ep About a dream is available in Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.


Stay connected and up to date with Olympic Black on their Instagram!


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