New Summer Sizzle “Who’s Who” By Bobby Vega Is Heating Things Up

Born and raised in the South Bronx, New York, the self proclaimed original playa from the Himalayas known as Bobby Vega! Since the age of 12, Bobby has been inspired by legends like Max B, Wiz Khalifa, Wale and Big Sean. Writing since 12 and using his own flare and style, Bobby has established his craft from the ground up, maturing and evolving into a well rounded artist. 

Bobby Vega’s latest track “Who’s Who” features catchy contemporary hip-hop melodies layered with an old school R&B rhythm. Bobby’s well known lyricism weaves through a retrospective track and tells a story of his life experiences. “Who’s Who” boasts a confident and positive vibe, Bobby Vega’s NYC grit and flow are showcased through every addicting verse. The bouncing hook demands to be heard and makes this track a summer smash. “Who’s Who” is laced with trap beats and an overall hype party vibe. I highly recommend you check it out the track and stay on the lookout for Bobby Vega and all his future endeavors!

Listen to “Who’s Who” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Bobby Vega!

Hey Bobby, welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you think of a specific event or person that really impacted you and drove you to pursue a music career?

Well a lot of different real life events went into the reasons of why I started making music (The sound of my voice solely being the reason) but the one person who is currently in the mainstream music industry that was the inspiration behind me pursuing a career in music is my boy Cameron Thomaz, known professionally as Wiz Khalifa. Since first hearing Wiz’s mixtape “Starpower”, at a young age i identified with Wiz’s style of music and every mixtape or project after that, I idolized his road to success. 

How do you draw inspiration from your diverse influences?

Well see that's the thing with my influences being so diverse, it helps me be diverse in the type of music I make at the moment I'm making it. For example, All of the artists I draw influence from all inspire me at different moments and the evocation of there of their inspirations influences me to be transcendent in the way i'm about to go about the music I'm making. If that makes any sense. 

What’s your track “Who’s Who” all about? What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

“Who’s Who” was made after a litty 3 day weekend of big event parties and good vibe get togethers with my crew and various groups of girls, gave me the inspiration to make a song about some of my experiences from that weekend. Each verse in the song tells of my experiences from that weekend, but the hook is what the overall weekend consisted of and what the Track is really about. What i want my listeners to understand is that everyone is not who they seem to be within a party setting and that you can be each two things in life which is either “ A Dub” (not wanted) or “The New Swoop” (wanted). 

What’s your writing process like?

My Writing process isn't much of a writing process but more of a recording process. When i hear a beat and catch a vibe from it, I immediately turn on the voice memo or voice recording feature on my phone and start saying whatever comes to mind. Most of the time i do like 3 to 4 different takes on a beat and listen to it back then take pieces I want to use and start piecing the song together. Most of the time i start with a concept and go along from there, while other times I just catch a vibe or groove to the beat and I just go with the flow.  

What’s next for Bobby Vega?

Well My highly anticipated 13 song  mixtape “THE VEGA TAPE” is due any day now along with a series of music videos from songs off the tape. Along with “THE VEGA TAPE” being what’s next for Bobby vega, an independent tour is also in the works for vega and his Team GGE (Golden Gang Ent) leaning towards to end of the summer. Other then that, you Definitely want to keep up with Vega’s movement.   

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