NEW TRACK ALERT: Jamall Anthony Hypnotizes Listeners With Angelic Voice!

All we have to say about the Los Angeles artist Jamall Anthony is that he is absolutely mesmerizing in every way possible. His sound, his aura, his thoughts, and feelings. Jamall Anthony paints listeners a clear and vivid picture with the very sound of his voice, a natural talent that is not able to be falsified within artists. At the end of the day, you listen to an artists overall sound, and you know if it is the real deal. You know if the artist is pouring their authentic selves into their music, and Jamall Anthony leaves no question in our mind that he's doing exactly such. The very soundings of Jamall will blow any listener away. Jamall contributes to the R&B/soul community like no artist we've seen before, and we're beyond blessed to be able to showcase his single "Summer 17" here on BuzzMusic!

"Summer 17" has us feeling reminiscent. The underlying melody is one that is reflective and motivational. Jamall Anthony is an artist with some serious talent. When we first heard "Summer 17", we were immediately impressed with the level of artistry present. "Summer 17" is one of those tracks that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Jamall pours his natural flow into the track, and effortlessly communicates his passion to us. He reminds us of a cross between Frank Ocean and Chance The Rapper. He acquires the most blissful elements from both artists and adds in the integral element of Jamall to his tracks. "Summer 17", being the first track on his upcoming EP "Sinful Monk", will catch any listeners attention (and we really, really mean that). Jamall has a wicked vocal range, which has us not only drawn to him as an artist but has us completely obsessed. We listen to Jamall Anthony and know, without a single doubt in any of our minds, that he's the real deal. We receive real, raw talent from him, and we can expect to receive nothing less than extraordinary from his upcoming work. "Summer 17" is the track to listen to right now, and we can't stress enough how much it would elevate your playlist! 

Experience "Summer 17" here, and get to know more from Jamall below!

Jamall Anthony! We're incredibly excited to feature "Summer 17" on BuzzMusic! It's a genuine and honest track that we feel the utmost love for. Where did you draw the inspiration from to curate such a song?

"Summer 17" was actually based on my real life story. Which is why it feels so genuine and honest because it 100% is. I was sitting at my piano one day and I came up with the chords and then just started flowing over them and I immediately knew it was a vibe. The inspiration came from a couple of girls I spent a few summers with and I just reflected on that and it inspired the whole song.

We can imagine you've been told time and time again how incredible your vocal range is, but we feel guilty not telling you that! The sound of your voice is absolutely harmonic in "Summer 17". Did your vocal flow come naturally, or was it crafted over time?

Thank you for that !! I've been doing this for a while and I can assure you we never get tired of those types of compliments. The flow came extremely natural on this one and I low-key surprised myself with just how naturally it came out. I just found a pocket in the song and rode the wave the entire time which is why its such a vibe.

Can you tell us the predominant message behind "Summer 17"? How did you feel writing/recording the track, and how did you intend your listeners to feel?

The message/story behind "Summer 17" was really just a story of transitioning from boyhood to manhood. Sometimes in our younger years we kind of think we know everything but with age comes wisdom so yeah ...that's a great message actually. Writing this song was so refreshing. I had the pleasure of switching completely into artist mode so of course I get to write whatever my little heart desired and "Summer 17" was born. I just want my listeners to go on a journey with me through this song. 

How does Los Angeles feed your musical passion on the daily? Do you find that the music culture in Los Angeles inspires you and your music?

LA has truly been the best thing to ever happen to me creatively. I literally write and record every day and luckily I get to do it with some of the dopest creatives I've ever met. The culture out here has absolutely played a huge part in this entire project and I really moved here and fell deeper in love with music. I've only been living in LA full time for a little over a year but this has been one of the best years of my entire life.

We're highly anticipating the release of "Sinful Monk"! What's the timeline looking like for the release of the EP?

Sinful Monk is all ready to go!! I'm gonna release one more single "Giving up slowly" on 11/8 and then the project will drop shortly after. I have a bunch of cool things that will transpire over the next week weeks but I highly encourage everyone to follow me all social media platforms because trust me... you don't wanna miss this.

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