New Walk the Waves Leaves a Mark on Our Minds

Walk The Waves is an Indie Pop group based out of LA that creates '80s influenced modern exciting music. The band consists of brothers Davison and Daniel Ancheril and Jazley Chua. Walk the Waves' latest release "Leave a Scar" is an exciting up beat fun record that feels both nostalgic and new to us. The song features very '80s sounding pulsing drums, exciting dynamic guitar patterns, a rock-solid bass line, spacey synths, and honest attention-grabbing vocals that are instantly memorable. The production here has a lot of little intricate elements that pop in and out catching your ear's attention before leaving space for the lyrics again. The synths in "Leave a Scar" are super ethereal and atmospheric it perfectly suites the tighter upbeat rhythm parts.

The undeniable highlight in "Leave a Scar" is the honest vocal; from the moment it begins you feel instantly captured by it. The melodies soar throughout the record and provide a lovely contrast to the other instruments. Throughout the record the vocal transforms in a beautiful way that has you wanting more, the harmonies in the chorus give a surprising smooth life to the section allowing it to lift from the rest of the song. We cannot wait to see what else Walk The Waves has in store for us.

Listen to "Leave a Scar" here.