New Wave Pop Artist Joey Capo’s Latest Track “COUNT ON ME” Is A Summer Vibe

Joey Capo is an Italian-Vietnamese music recording singer and songwriter. Capo offers a chill and atmospheric take on Pop and R&B with catchy melodic vocals throughout his music. He pours his heart into his songwriting and is always establishing solid foundations to build connection with his fans. Born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Capo began writing music at 16 and by age 20, he started teaching himself how to produce his own records. In May of 2018, he relocated to Los Angeles, California to further grow his music career. With Joey Capo’s fast rise to fame, he is one music recording artist in today’s new school era you should without a doubt keep an eye on as he paves his own way to the top.

Joey Capo’s latest release “COUNT ON ME” is an ambient and catchy pop hit. The mellow intro transitions into an electro-pop drop that we love! Fusing elements of pop and contemporary R&B, Joey Capo weaves through light-hearted and well versed lyrics about his dedication to this person. He wants them to put all there stresses and problems on his shoulders. The loving energy and passion truly shines the speakers as the addicting bass and melodies take us on a journey. Joey Capo is changing to current pop scene with his new wave sound. We love “COUNT ON ME” and can’t wait for what Joey Cap delivers next!

Listen to “COUNT ON ME” here and read more with Joey Capo below!

Hey Joey! Welcome back to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us what you've been working on?

I have been working on a lot of new music to finish out this year. Teaming up with some great producers that have been helping me bring that EDM/Pop vision and sound to life. Also, started learning how to play acoustic guitar to broaden my songwriting and the music I create. So the “Count On Me” record is just the beginning for what’s to come in the near future.

We love your track “COUNT ON ME”, it’s very inspiring. What emotions did you channel in order to write this piece?

Im glad to hear you all loved the record as much as I do. What inspired me is the feeling of knowing you’re not alone and willing to uplift the people around you.

Can you dive into the meaning behind your lyricism in “COUNT ON ME”?

In this record, we all our striving to be the best version of ourselves. Yet, what we should also be doing along the way is inspiring and pushing the people around us to do the same. By revealing your self-worth, it highlights what we really deserve in our everyday lives. 

Do you have any musical influences that inspire your music? How so? 

I definitely listen to a lot of different genres of music. But the people that always inspired my creative process were artists like Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd, and Ed Sheeran. Yet, after I heard the album “Free Spirit” by Khalid, it really has been opening me up to a different side of my creativity in my music. 

What’s next for you, Joey Capo?

After seeing all the great feedback on the direction I’m now starting with my music, really validates i’m on the right track. So I will be definitely coming out with more music as well as more music videos to really bring the visuals to the listeners. 


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