New Wave Rapper Mone The JEDI Does This “Every Day”

Mone The JEDI as he is known is from West Philadelphia, PA. Being part Jamaican and part Syrian brings a diversity and versatility to his sound. Jedi grew up moving between multiple cities, from Philadelphia, New Jersey, Atlanta and Florida, he always found a way to fuse these experiences into his style.  Jedi is beginning to make an impact with his "New Wave" rap. Although Mone The JEDI has had success in the past with his music, he is hoping that this new season of music will reach a wider audience and will keep building his ever increasing fan base.

“Every Day” is a contagious new track laced with heavy bass, flawless bars, and a catchy hook. Mone The JEDI paints a vivid picture in the listeners mind and takes us on a psychedelic soundscape through his music. Mone The JEDI is no stranger to success and knows that he’ll always hustle by any means necessary.“Every Day” weaves through a raw and honest storytelling anthem. I love the psychedelic sound arrangements. Mone The JEDI has worked hard to get where he is now and he’s only getting further! With releases like “Every Day” you better stay on the lookout because Mone The JEDI is headed to the top. 

Check out “Every Day” here. Read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Mone The JEDI! How did you get started making music?

“I always been making music since childhood. I started making music seriously back in 2010 when I released my first mixtape via datpiff the “composition”

How does this track “Every Day” compare to one of your earliest tracks? How have you improved?

 “Compared to earlier records like “spend & win witch was done back in 2010 my latest single Everyday contains the pandemonium and energy that I’ve gained through my music industry experience.”

What do you do to feed your passion for writing verses everyday?

“Just being active and involved everyday art, fashion & music being around successful people. Staying stress free and happy.”

What challenges have you faced in the music industry? How have you overcome these challenges?

“Sometimes it’s hard to get your music heard in general. The most important thing I’ve done is being consistent. No matter how long it takes it still feels amazingly rewarding when people start to notice you and hear you.”

If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose and why? “

definitely future, drake, or Tory lanez would my first choices, big is my favorite of all time and nip was also someone I would have definitely wanted to meet or collaborate with.”

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