New York City Based Artist Burgos Bends Soundscapes With “Perfume Memory”

New York native and gifted producer/singer/songwriter Burgos has spent time producing hip-hop as well as playing in rock bands throughout NYC. Now re-emerging, Burgos has established his sound. He aims to synthesize a lifetime of divergent tastes by blending a range of genres to create a unique sound devoted to melody and movement.

“Perfume Memory” brings together a manic and multi-layered, slightly retro soundscape, with a distant and effected vocal line that seems to sit on top of the beat in an underground dark-pop sort of way. As the track progresses, a certain familiarity develops within the vibrant chaos of the ambiance, the synths and riffs rain down on you as the music pours through. This in itself quickly becomes a key trait of the song giving it a flicker of recognizability. On top of this is the leading voice, something the artist toys with at the point of production as if it were another instrument, another electronic element to be explored. “Perfume Memory” an interesting track that doesn’t follow the standard set-up, it creates an experimental, atmospheric moment of artistry that provokes you to think a little more deeply on life.

Check out “Perfume Memory” here and keep scrolling to read more with Burgos.

Welcome Burgos! How did you initially decide that music was something you wanted to pursue? 

When I first started making music I knew it was something I could be good at. When I understood that I knew how this thing works and I could make it do so many different things, I knew I wanted to do it forever.

We checked out your latest release “Perfume Memory”! What was the creation process like for this song? Can you dive into what it means to you?

Once I have the chords and melody for a song it starts to take on colors in my head. The colors for Perfume Memory made me think of a certain place with a certain person and the lyrics tell some of the story of my time with them. I like the idea of rehashing a period that was unpleasant for me over music that people can dance to.

What has been one of your most memorable or life-changing achievements as an artist so far?

I used to be in a band called The Pencey Affair and we played our best set at our favorite venue (which doesn't exist anymore), Cake Shop in the Lower East Side. A young woman that I didn't know bought me a beer after the show.

What are your main aspirations as an artist going forward?

I just wanna be someone's (anyone's) fav.

What other projects are you working on through the end of 2019?

I've got a few sketches that will likely be an EP to follow my LP, The Parties And The Bullshit. I'm approaching these songs a little differently so I'm excited to hear how they end up.


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