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New York's Chris Mardini Accentuates Authentic Themes in, "I'll Try"

Chris Mardini belongs to the rare breed of artists born to give voice to our most complex emotions. At just 19-years-old, the New York City-raised singer-songwriter has mastered the art of merging intense self-reflection with poetic social commentary; a dynamic made all the more potent by his innate talent for crafting spellbinding melodies.

A near-lifelong musician who took up guitar at age 10 and got his start playing Beatles covers at iconic venues like The Bitter End, Chris Mardini sets his soul-baring songwriting to a singular collision of elements: the brooding urgency of classic alt-rock, kinetic rhythms of underground hip-hop, and impassioned vocal work of timeless singer-songwriters like Jeff Buckley.

Highlighting the concepts of his moody and robustly stimulating soundscapes, Chris Mardini’s single “I’ll Try,” is the opening number to his debut album. Running rampage with a brilliantly executed instrumentation that plays into his ever-changing dynamic, the adaptability that is intertwined within the artistic virtuoso of Chris Mardini showcases his cascading rhythm on a level that encourages listeners to be drawn towards his resonance.

Placing a protruding illumination on “I’ll Try,” as an anthem of introspection and self-doubt, the vulnerability of Chris Mardini takes full control as he reflects on his shortcomings. In a sea of full-bodied elements that complement the elevated grooves sparked by the smoldering vocal performance of Chris Mardini, the authentic representation of passion that seeps from this offering remains top tier for not only an introductory single but as a stand out track of its own.

Fitting into the compelling themes of the overall body of work, the manner in which he brings light to the dark workings of his psyche captivates us through and through. Wrapping us in an immense conveyance of emotional connectors, the understanding that is brought forth sets Chris Mardini apart from the rest.

We love “I’ll Try.” What prompted you to make this song the first single from the album?

I honestly think it's partly because of the song's significance in my life for such a long time. I mean, other than the fact that it goes hard, I'd say that's the reason I've decided to put it out as the first single. It's the first complete song I've ever written. It's funny how the song's lyrics and mood seem to remain timeless in the context of my life. I've always struggled with being a critical/judgmental person, especially regarding my shortcomings and mistakes. So, the song is an ode to the times when I dwell on these moments. Where I get trapped in a box of my thoughts and how it confines me. What do you think your debut album says about you as an artist? How does “I’ll Try” fit into this message?

I think the album is an ultimate introduction to who I am as a musician and as a kid trying to make sense of life. The album delves into introspective topics, which is something I often do. I think there's an authentic sound to this album, and with that comes continuity in the lyrical and sonic content. At the same time, this album's also a bit bi-polar, as many of these songs have stark contrasts when it comes to emotion. Some songs are a bit angrier; some are less confrontational. I think "I'll Try" fits ideally into this bunch of songs. It demonstrates angst in an introspective manner. I believe listeners will be able to relate not just to "I'll Try" but to the album as a whole, in all of its versatility. We’ve read that “I’ll Try” is about feelings of self-judgment. Has your mindset changed since you wrote this song? If so, how?

As I said, a lot of the lyrical content of "I'll Try" still holds relevant today. I'll find myself in situations where I care too much about other people's interpretations of what I'm doing, or there will be times when I don't even care about what others are thinking. I feel like now; I'm leaning towards not giving a damn, which is self-destructive in its own way. What’s something that may be overlooked that you would like your audience to know about you?

I'm just a regular person. I have my insecurities, and I try to portray myself honestly in my music. However, I was somewhat worried about making myself seem so vulnerable in my music throughout high school. I felt like people I didn't care for would try to use something I cared so deeply about against me. I felt like it almost hindered my songwriting abilities. I'm glad that I've gotten to a much better place regarding not caring about how people perceive my true self, but I know I still have a lot more work to do. What's next for you?

Dope question. I ask myself the same thing. I want to build and build a base that can relate to and support what I'm creating here. My dream has always been to go on a real tour across the country. But now I'm thinking, why even stop there? INTERNATIONAL, BABY. But yeah, it's just really rewarding for me to see fans that I've never even met give me feedback on what I'm doing and to know that I've had even a minuscule impact on their daily lives. So, I want to keep on doing that and do it on a larger scale. I'm also waiting to release so many other songs; it's insane! So excited to see people's reactions to it all.

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