#NewMusic: Jxhn Dxe Levels up with New Single “2 in 1”

From Denver, Colorado - today we have the lyrical mastermind known as Jxhn Dxe (pronounced John Doe) and his new single “2 in 1”. The song “2 in 1” starts out a vibe setting synth that then rips in with the hard vocal performance provided by Jxhn Dxe. He mentions he has to level up, and then you are hit with the sample of Super Mario in the game where you literally “level up”, clever! The song flows freely for the length of the track, hitting hard with a great vocal performance and a beat that is enough for any set of ears to follow along to. Melody wise, I keep using the word flow, but sadly that’s the best way to describe everything that’s happening in this track! It all seems so natural, and that’s no surprise since apparently Jxhn Dxe has been making rhythmic movements since being in his mother’s womb. Not kidding!

The song is short-lived and leaves listeners hanging on for more, closing at 2 minutes and 21 seconds. The good news is that this track is part of an 11 song album, so there is plenty of music to go around. Do yourself a favor and check out “2 in 1” by Jxhn Dxe today! You will be lifted up to a liberating place and hopefully, you can find clarity, as this is what this incredible artist is seeking to do with his music. 

Listen to "2 in 1" here.

Hey Jxhn Dxe and welcome to BuzzMusic! 2019 has been a big year for you. Can you share your biggest accomplishment thus far with us?  My biggest accomplishment would be actually doing it. I was really nervous about starting the music, I’ve always been a fan of it. I never knew I would have the courage to put my vulnerability out there like this.   Your song "2 in 1" is such a vibe! Can you tell us the inspiration behind the track? I wanted to make something smooth that just flowed throughout the beat. 2 in 1 signifies the new and old me becoming 1. You need your experiences in order to create a future and you need to look forward to a future so you have to gain experience hence 2 in 1.  "2 in 1" showcases your lyrical ability heavily. When you're writing your music, what's the process like? It’s literally a feeling that gets exploited at that moment. I have to know why I feel that way at that moment in order to release that experience to the public.  Located in Denver, Colorado, how does the music scene there help shape your sound? I don’t think we have a sound yet, we have a lot of talent here and it’s so different. That’s what pushes me to me because everybody in Colorado stays true to themselves.  What's next for Jxhn Dxe as 2019 comes to an end?

Evolving, I'm still new to the music scene so I’m still finding who I am. Expect a lot of music on the process!