#NewMusic: “Love Me When I’m High” By Myer Clarity

Toronto’s multi-genre producer, singer/songwriter, and hip-hop artist Myer Clarity recently released a new single “Love Me When I’m High” with a refreshing perspective on alcohol consumption. He began to pursue his musical career at age twelve and studied under the jazz legend, Ernie Nelson. This chill rap song has a relaxed beat and an effortless melody that will catch your attention from the start. Myer’s voice can be smooth, silvery or husky all at the right times. His lyrics add an emotional authenticity that will make you want to keep listening. In his past, Myers had battled with a decade of addiction following the untimely losses of his musical mentor, best friend, and mother.

Myer’s song highlights his transition from his former “what’s another bottle” attitude to no longer having to “get drunk to have fun.” Since most songs today glorify the overconsumption of alcohol and drugs, he aimed to create a song that celebrates and relates to sobriety and introversion. The lyrics are freeing and fresh because Myer decided to omit societal pressures of alcohol consumption that are common in many records. Myer’s “so what” perspective is contagious with just one listen.

Anyone who hears this song will be reminded of the passion of life itself without the influence of anything else. I guess you could say Myer Clarity has brought his listeners some clarity, too!

Listen to "Love Me When I'm High" here

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