#NewMusic: “Love Me When I’m High” By Myer Clarity

Toronto’s multi-genre producer, singer/songwriter, and hip-hop artist Myer Clarity recently released a new single “Love Me When I’m High” with a refreshing perspective on alcohol consumption. He began to pursue his musical career at age twelve and studied under the jazz legend, Ernie Nelson. This chill rap song has a relaxed beat and an effortless melody that will catch your attention from the start. Myer’s voice can be smooth, silvery or husky all at the right times. His lyrics add an emotional authenticity that will make you want to keep listening. In his past, Myers had battled with a decade of addiction following the untimely losses of his musical mentor, best friend, and mother.

Myer’s song highlights his transition from his former “what’s another bottle” attitude to no longer having to “get drunk to have fun.” Since most songs today glorify the overconsumption of alcohol and drugs, he aimed to create a song that celebrates and relates to sobriety and introversion. The lyrics are freeing and fresh because Myer decided to omit societal pressures of alcohol consumption that are common in many records. Myer’s “so what” perspective is contagious with just one listen.

Anyone who hears this song will be reminded of the passion of life itself without the influence of anything else. I guess you could say Myer Clarity has brought his listeners some clarity, too!

Listen to "Love Me When I'm High" here

Hey Myer! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We are very happy to spotlight your new single “Love Me When I’m High,” which shares such a refreshing perspective on substance use. Can you tell us more about your creative process for this song?

Thanks for spotlighting me, good to be here. I wrote the hook/melody for this song back in 2018 to pitch as part of a songwriting pack I was developing with some other Toronto artists. I was still an alcoholic back when I wrote it and left it on the back burner. It was originally a song about the two sides of drunk love. When the group began dissolving I salvaged the hook for one of my own projects and re-produced the entire thing into what it is today. It took on a life of its own, kind of wrote itself. I had recently quit drinking when I wrote the verses and I wanted to capture that introverted mind-state I was in. I felt like I was a ghost at the party, I could watch everything without being involved. It’s a big world out there with lots of people I’m sure some of y’all feel like I do so I’m gonna write some more songs for us to listen to.

We know you originally trained under a very successful jazz musician, and that your songs have fit into multiple different genres. Can you tell us about how your music has changed over time? Do you think it will continue to change?

I came up listening to a lot of Tribe, Dilla, Common, etc, you know that branch of the hip hop family tree. The ‘Clarity’ in Myer Clarity came from that song Guru did with Common “State of Clarity”. That’s how deep it goes. Also, It was originally my tag (shitty, 7 letters, I know).

I was getting into beats and I knew sampling was going to be problematic down the line so I wanted to actually learn how to play the music. My mom had this uncanny knack for finding gems and she found this guy Ernie Nelson, who was retired Jazz legend. I studied under him for a few lessons before he, unfortunately, passed away from natural causes. I continued to study under one of his students I met at a memorial concert we threw for him for a few years after, he taught me all I know about piano theory. I’ve definitely been all over the spectrum and back trying to find my voice over the years. It doesn’t help that I’m a people pleaser, either. I had friends in the punk scene I was pandering to, executives I was trying to impress with pop records, and the OG rap heads I wanted my props from for going heavy on the bars. It definitely took some time to come into my own. This latest one, though, this feels like me. I hope that people look at all the different styles I’ve had over the years and see it for what it is, growth.

What are some goals you currently have as an artist? What are some that you have already achieved?

My goal as an artist is to tell my story as honestly and unapologetically as possible. There’s a lot of people out there like me who’ve lived through some shit and it helps to know you’re not alone, so I put it into music. I tell people I’m a cautionary tale turned artist because I’m honestly lucky to still be here considering all I’ve been through. I wanna help people process things like loss, trauma, recovery, depression, etc. My second goal as an artist is to create myself a money tree so I can feed the ones I love. We live in a world with such a rigged deck and I just want to level the playing field for some of my people. Last year I used some sync money to get a friend of mine a private therapist and she’s doing so much better now it’s like night and day. So I know I can create something here that’ll give back. Third goal. I’m here for my seat at the table, tell the culture, I’m bringing some recipes y’all never tasted before. This is a party and we’re all here for the same reason because we love this shit.

Goals I’ve accomplished:

Becoming the multi-genre producer I am and being involved in as many different artists careers as I have been. (Y’all covered Tie Bond recently, he’s one of my clients, good kid!) 15 months no alcohol, Opening for Royce, Yelawolf, D12, Masta Ace, Oliver Jones, Cage, Snak The RipperRecords with Kayo, Camm Hunter (Down With Webster), Moka Only, Mac Lethal, D.O (Art of Fresh). Music brought me to Amsterdam, Prague, LA, New Orleans, Nashville France, and many other crazy places. Debut album charted at #9 on the indie hip hop charts, Toured the US & EU multiple times.

Who in your life has influenced your music the most? How do they impact your advancement as an artist?

I’ve got different heroes for different days. It really depends on where my heads at. But if I had to pick out some major influences I’d say. Royce 5’9 is a big one, for all he’s done from lyrics to sobriety to de-stigmatizing therapy. Secondly, it would be Dr. Dre for shaping four separate eras of hip hop with his production. I hope to be as involved in timeless music as that man is. Thirdly would be the Atmosphere. They provided a left-field lane for independent artists like me to do it differently, and also for the story-telling and cynicism.

We were very happy to have you here on BuzzMusic! Please tell us more about what's next for you after this single release? Are you planning any shows in the near future?

Happy to be here! Lots planned for 2020, I got some records in the bag with some legendary producers that you’ve definitely heard of but that’s on hush right now. My album is in its final mixing stages (oh snap!!!). I’ve got another single called “One Day I’ll Get My Shit Together” dropping at the end of Feb along with a short Euro tour and some Toronto dates. Additionally, I’m working on a series where I cover hip hop classics on piano and featuring some of Toronto’s rising stars. Lastly, I got a podcast in the works with the homie Skevious Tips as well as my own label imprint No Damn Good.