#Newmusicfriday: "Another One" by ellie d.

“Another One” welcomes both the melancholic embrace of a hypnotizing backdrop and the heartfelt, passionate connection of a song written with depth and intention. That balance is crucial, and really well executed. You relate to that honesty of the vulnerability within “Another One”, and at the same time, it’s easy to turn up loud and escape within. ellie d. has mastered the art of melodic satisfaction, so the song lingers in your mind long after listening. Despite the lyrical turmoil, the track energizes and brings together everyone who has felt these emotions and been down this pathway.

ellie d. has fused a brilliantly uplifting and progressive melody, with a warm and comforting musicality. It's a story that seems personal, but also vague enough for listeners to make it their own connections. The perfect twang of country roots fuses perfectly with a catchy pop backtrack. It’s a pleasure to know there are artists and songwriters creating and performing the music of this nature with such clear passion and a love for the process right now. It’s easy to hear why fans have taken to the rising star so notably in recent months. “Another One” speaks volumes on behalf of the quality and content to come.

Listen to “Another One” here

Hey ellie d.! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What inspired you to first begin making music and releasing it to the public? 

Hey BuzzMusic! Thanks for the writeup! I have been a performer for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I used to put on shows for my brothers in our living room. I love covers, but during college, I really began to fall in love with songwriting. I recorded vocals in my closet and stayed up late writing when a new idea came to me. Music has sort of been my way to vent emotionally. When there is something I really want to say, what better way to do it than in the form of a song! When I moved back to LA, I knew it was time to truly hone in on the songwriting. Truthfully, I am very impatient and decided that there was no reason to keep the songs I had written on hold. So I decided to start releasing them!

You seem to be an artist that puts more thought into your lyrics than most. What can you tell us about the lyrical depth within “Another One”?

I do love lyrics!! I think of songs as short stories, sometimes a stream of consciousness. They are often inspired by real events or based on stories I have heard. "Another One" is about taking ownership of your happiness and no longer waiting around for someone to come running back. I think many times we are in relationships where you know deep down it is not working out, but you still want to hold on to it, even if it is unhealthy. Whether it is being led on or pushed to the side, it can drag you down. This song is about realizing you should not be taken for granted. You will not be the one on hold anymore. 

Since you’ve been making music for several years, how would you compare some of the earlier material you’ve written to your newest release “Another One” in terms of your switch to a more pop sound?

I think this release is a bit more "sassy" than my others. However, I don't believe you have to stick to any particular sound. When it comes to songwriting, I write based on how I am feeling at the moment, so my sound is always changing and will continue to change. Some days it is a more upbeat pop sound, others it is a more chill pop, mellow sound.

What have been some of your proudest or most memorable moments in music so far?

I think releasing my very first original was a huge step for me. Releasing your own material can be scary and vulnerable, but it feels good to put it out in the world. I also had such an amazing time filming the music video for this song and I cannot wait for you to see it!! It truly brings the song to life.

We really appreciate you chatting with us about your incredible music! What’s next for you artistically? Does your creativity manifest itself in other ways?

Of course! Thanks for having me! I am in the midst of writing/finishing a bunch of new music! I am also excited to start a new chapter with my music as we approach the new year. When it comes to releases, I love being a part of every creative aspect, not just the actual song. I love creating the overall concept for releases that includes promo, artwork, and videos. It allows me to fully embrace the story I am trying to tell.