#NewMusicFriday: SM Tone Releases His Unique Rap Track "Inner Thoughts"

All the way from Atlanta, GA, rap artist SM Tone is presenting elements to his music that we quite frankly don't hear enough from in the rap music scene! SM Tone has a huge resumé when it comes to the music industry. His debut album, releasing in 2017, incorporated a raw and authentic aspect of rap. It's obvious to us that SM Tone doesn't conform to the popular soundings. An artist, he remains true to his own creations and releases music that is incredibly charming. His most recent project, "Inner Thoughts" was a track that we resonated with completely, and respected the various components he was able to embed. 

The introductory jazz soundings to SM Tone's "Inner Thoughts" is unique and captivating.

Immediately after, we're introduced to a more fast-paced vocal execution of SM Tone, which, once combined with the underlying beat, makes for a rap track that will most definitely stand out to listeners. SM Tone knows how to curate a track that blends contrasting elements, in a way that complements the overall sound. The tune of "Inner Thoughts" has a relaxing aspect to it, which stems mainly from the jazz elements embedded within. SM Tone showcases exactly how he's able to elevate his sound within "Inner Thoughts", as he takes bold steps within this track to make it into a sound we haven't yet heard from him artistically. We're appreciative of artists stepping out of their comfort zone with their sound, and in this case, SM Tone not only passed that barrier, but he also smashed it with the stellar programming. SM Tone is that type of rap artist that is only going to further lift his sound, and bring about change within the rap music scene. Can't wait to see what he'll be up to next! 

Discover "Inner Thoughts" here