Next up on Your Indie Playlist; "Hello" by MP Grey

Martin Polle, or well known for his stage name MP Grey, is a German producer, composer and recording artist. In 2019, Indie Rock artist MP Grey had the privilege of signing with Blossom Records, a British- American record label based out of Los Angeles, California. His first international debut “Shoot for the Stars” featuring Los Angeles singer and recording artist Rudiger was released earlier this year and was followed by his next single “Mexican Sun”. 

We had the chance to check out MP Grey's latest release “Hello” which, has a very soft indie vibe to it. A beautiful piano ballad in the background gives the song a calm and warming experience. Don’t let the title fool you, “Hello” is only the beginning of a 3-minute description of reminiscing about the past and hoping for a brighter future which MP Grey beautifully depicts. What really sticks out for me from this song are the piano solos which remind me of artists like Lionel Richie and Elton John creating nostalgia and unique experience to listeners. It’s a nice addition to his other singles “Shoot for the Stars”, “Mexican Sun”, and “Your Smile” as they incorporate a central theme of warmth and invitation to a deeper conversation. 

Listen to "Hello" here.

Hey MP Grey! We're excited to have you on BuzzMusic. What is the central theme behind your most recent singles? The central theme behind my most recent singles is a positive attitude to life. It manifests itself in how one deals with failures and how to pursue your own goals. Of course, love sometimes also plays a role. I partly composed the songs many years ago. To take that musically into consideration, I mainly produced them “old school” and only very sparingly added modern sound effects. It's a kind of retrospective.

Where did your stage name MP Grey come from? Does it have a deeper personal meaning to you? That’s a good question. It is not very spectacular. MP stands for my initials. Gray means that I decided relatively late (but not too late) in my life to realize my dream and to produce my own music. There have always been reasons why I did not do it.

Your song “Hello” sounds like a beginning to something. Are you trying to speak to someone in particular? I reflected on myself a little bit in this song. But basically, it's all about having a positive attitude and being aware of yourself. Then you can achieve everything. Also important is the trust of other people.

We really love the addition of piano in "Hello". Is it all done by you? Are there any other musical instruments you play? I’m the composer and producer of all my songs. In “Hello” I played the piano myself and all the other keyboard-parts too. In my youth, my parents gave me a classical piano education. I am very grateful for that. It is important to me, to integrate as much as possible nature instruments in my songs, e.g. drums, horns, and guitars. I am fortunate to be able to win some excellent musicians for my songs.   

What is planned for 2020 and your overall path as a music artist?  In 2020 I will release my first album and I want to start with the second album with more modern elements.