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Nexu Guzman Gives Us A Vibe With His Hit Song “829”

An upcoming artist all the way from Elizabeth, New Jersey who pulls the heartstrings with his love songs as well as exercises your mind with exceptional bars, Nexu Guzman attempts to perfect his craft with each lyric in every song. With not a single bar or verse to sacrifice, he constantly delivers on wax.

For me, there’s nothing like a good acoustic guitar adding a melodic effect to a hip-hop track. Nexu Guzman showcases the mellifluous and sweet canorous melody through the background instrumental fusing with a kick-back bass and a good rooted hype beat. These combinations may sound far-fetched from one another, but the result is incredibly astonishing. Nexu Guzman is a highly talented individual. With key consistent vocals, Nexu Guzman doesn’t only serenade his listener, but he provides his listener with a more sonic tempo delivery, showcasing the style of sing-rap. Nexu Guzman all in all creates a smooth comforting vibe and it’s appreciated in “829”. The aura of 829 was cooling and relaxed, while the lyrics moved its listener. Nexu Guzman immediately shifted my mood, doing an entire 360 due to the polished record. “829” was poised with many great elements we can enjoy and we’re thankful for it all.

Listen to “829” here and get to know more about Nexu Guzman below!

What’s up Nexu ! What made you get into music? Has it always been something you were passionate about?

What made me get into music was hearing my father talk about my grandfathers trumpet skills. Something about music always stuck on me like it was embedded in my DNA. My passion is and always will be music. I’ve played piano in elementary, trumpet in middle school and joined the marching band in 06 till I graduated high school. 

Who are some of your musical influences for your style and sound today? In what ways have they influenced you!?

A lot the influences stem from old heads like James brown, prince, and Curtis mayfield. The mixture of instruments they used always caught my attention. However, in this era I would say Drake, J Cole, and Nipsey Hussle are the reason I started making music In high school. Drake inspired me to get out the comfort zone and mix sounds that makes music timeless. J Cole showed me to speak from the heart and to love myself regardless of the situation. Finally, Nipsey taught me to invest in myself with other businesses instead of music. He also taught me to value myself higher. 

“829” was a nice vibe we loved! What was the meaning behind the lyrics?

Thank you !! The meaning behind my lyrics was to show a different side of my life. Sometimes we have that one person that distracts us from reality and this song shows that.

What motivated you to write this record Nexu ? 

I was motivated to write something different and Inspired to show a different side of me. I’ve learned that by placing myself in a uncomfortable position I can grow into a better artist.

What do you hope to accomplish this year music wise? 

I hope to accomplish more knowledge within the music industry this year. I want to reach people on a personal level. I want to continue to compete with myself by pushing myself beyond limits. No one has to believe in me but I know as long as I don’t give up nothing can stop me. Ultimately I want  to make timeless music. 


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