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Nia Ekanem Paints A Profound Portrait Of Love With His New Single, “Feels Like Home”

Hailing from the UK, Nia Ekanem is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and musician whose music has gained support from various platforms such as; Beats1, BBC Radio, Capital Xtra, Lost Culture, Clash, and more.

Releasing music as an independent artist has allowed Nia to support the likes of Mica Paris, JP Cooper, and Berlin artist Noah Lee. He has also worked and written for other artists. His most recent collaborations are with Fleur East, on her latest album, 'FEARLESS,' and Samuel Jack, on his recent EP. Today we celebrate the release of Nia's new single, "Feels like home," where he displays his captivatingly deep and soulful sound.

"Feels Like Home" can easily become one of the soundtracks of our lives. Opening up with profound and heartfelt piano keys, the song is full of warm textures and beautiful vocal layers. The production is open, airy, and powerful. "Feels like home" makes us feel the music in our bones, and the rock elements of the single bring out its cinematic appeal.

Nia's authentic vocal tone has our senses stimulated as he takes us on a love story of a journey. "Falling deep, falling deep into you." Nia's lyrics and performance match the mood of the song so perfectly, enchanting us as we fall deeper into the beautiful, emotional, and refreshing world Nia has created for us.

Listen to "Feels Like Home" on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Nia Ekanem, and congratulations on your captivating new single “Feels like Home.” We adore the honesty that emanates from this song. What moment or story inspired “Feels like home” to be created?

Thank you very much, I am glad that you enjoyed listening to it. ‘Feels Like Home’ was inspired during the lockdown, being away from home (Birmingham) & having to spend 2 years in another city, that’s what birthed out the song. I’m sure a lot of people during this period are able to relate.

“Feels like Home '' is very cinematic in its ability to strike imagery. For us, the song triggered scenes of driving through the mountains and traveling across an ocean. What kind of environment did you write this song in and is there a specific feeling you were trying to get across to the listener?

Haha, I wish I was on a mountain when I wrote this, that would be great! No, I wrote the song in a bedroom with my guitar. I wrote the chorus first & just sat on it for weeks/many months. The rest of the song came about in a zoom writing session where I presented the song to my friend ‘Lexi Berg,’ luckily she loved the idea. To me, the song is very comforting, pensive & really dwells on how someone can make you feel at home. It was important that we captivated this feeling through the production too.

We love how truthful and relatable your lyrics are! What inspired you to start writing songs?

I am not much of a talker, I can hold a conversation perfectly okay, but when it comes to communicating how I feel in a conversation, I am useless. I really just needed to find a way to express myself more effectively & clear & writing was a way for me to do that. Listening to people like John Mayer or Sam Cooke & how they communicate their feelings towards a situation of love, inspired me to do the same thing in a simple but effective way

You have such a strong, unique, and timeless tone of voice. When did you realize this gift and who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Thank you. I realized I could sing when I was a child, I tried to sing in the choir but I was too shy so I would just sing at home lol. But I grew up around different music, mainly gospel, but I would also listen to soul music, reggae, grime, hip hop, etc. My influencers would be Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Samm Cooke, Nina Simone, Emeli Sande, JP Cooper, etc.

What's next for you?

New music, gigs, headline shows, and collaborations.


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