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NIA Projects Beautiful Words of Truth in “Distant Colors”

Alternative R&B singer-songwriter and producer NIA reigns from Philadelphia, PA, with love for music that blossomed at an early age.

Born in Queens, NY, to Trinidadian parents, she began writing songs at five years old Growing up, NIA's main influences were Michael Jackson, Sade, Bob Marley, and Stevie Wonder. While also being influenced by her Trinidadian roots, she tended to lean into musical genres like Calypso and Soca.

The openly LGBTQIA+ artist has us immersed in a hefty serving of grippingly raw emotion with her latest single, "Distant Colors." Commencing with distinct guitar riffs that chug reverberated chords representing an open letter of isolation, there's much to learn from the expressions performed.

The sophisticated hues emit laidback energy with each percussion pattern accompanying the vivacious strings that fill our lives with compelling ease. Speaking into the heartrending themes that represent what the loved one has for themselves, the more delicate sentiments brushed upon leave us admiring the thought-provoking timbres with an open mind.

Playing into a creative reflection of the R&B genre, NIA tours us through the liberating notions as her voice embodies an almost ethereal universe. However, what we love the most about the rhythmic essence of "Distant Colors" has to be the fact that the prolific skill set of NIA submerges us in wistful lyrical motifs.

Taking in this masterpiece is reminiscent of a therapy session that works wonders on your soul. Indulging in the passion ignited by a flame of self-love, NIA skyrockets through this atmosphere as she has us embracing "Distant Colors."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, NIA, and congratulations on the release of your beautiful single, "Distant Colors." With such a profound theme that you encompass in this record, what inspired the creative process that you experience in "Distant Colors?"

I was honestly just sad when I wrote this song, and I was reflecting on why I had felt that way. I started thinking about why it was so easy for me to dive straight into sadness. It was because that feeling was always familiar to me, kind of like an automatic comfort zone. That's what the song refers to. That's who I'm speaking to; I was addressing that sadness. Being happy is difficult when it's not something you're used to, but it was always my goal.

Do you find it relatively easy to tap into a headspace like the one you showcase in this track? Has this always come naturally to you?

It's always been natural for me. Songwriting is like my diary, and music has always been my favorite form of liberation. The healthiest thing that I can do when I feel any type of depression is to release it in a way that uplifts my spirit. Though if I try to force it too much, I'll get writer's block.

What advice do you have for listeners that are undergoing feelings of loneliness?

Take comfort in the things that make you happy, find a healthy way to express your frustrations. Love yourself in the process and learn from your mistakes.

What has been the best piece of advice that you've taken into your artistic career?

Embrace your differences, do what feels right.

What's next for you?

I have a show coming up on December 18th with my band and more music to follow. Holla at me! @nprimusxx @chillroomagency


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