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NIA Radiates A Myriad Of "Distant Colours"

Representing the LGBTQIA+ community, NIA provides her alternative R&B stylings in a jurisdiction that blossomed at an early age. Inspired by her emotions and feeling the ultimate melancholy, NIA addressed a perplexing state of life in her latest song, "Distant Colors."

Playing into her Trinidadian roots, the uniqueness of her signature sound embodies her roots. The liberating atmosphere sweeps us up into intimate lyrics, all while NIA wants her listeners to take comfort in the things that make them the happiest.

Fulfilling healthy expressions and the desire to adopt a healthy way to release frustrations, the rhythmic essence of "Distant Colors" radiates the prolific techniques that NIA tours us through. Speaking to her past self, the reflections heard take us into a multidimensional swing of unalloyed passion spread through the speakers.

Be sure to check out NIA's exclusive interview with BuzzMusic, here.

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