Nic Gyalson Releases Eclectic Single, “You Could Almost”

Nic Gyalson from Locarno, Switzerland moved is first steps into music as a little kid with his maternal Grandmother. A classic musician who was self-taught as a singer, he discovered the genre Psychedelic Rock and Blues, Therefore began to play keyboard and guitar.

We took a listen to “You Could Almost” and this electrifying song will have you shook to the core! The elements of progressive rock mixed with the psychedelic roots of his influences were nicely implemented. This called for a cooling aesthetic with an atmospheric environment for the listener. I loved how Nic Gyalson allowed the instrument and production to shine. It was like this super cool theatrical haunting atmosphere that surrounded the eclectic and vibrant mood the song is based on. You ever seen a TV show where the mystery is so complex that the suspense builds throughout the plot? Well, this is exactly what we felt from listening to “You Could Almost”. An ever-lasting feeling of anticipation and suspense build-up. “You Could Almost” was a perception-altering and hallucinogenic vibe you won’t forget!

Listen to "You Could Almost" here!

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