Nice Ghost Talks About New Single "The Green Man"

Hey, Nice Ghost! So excited to be chatting with you! How did you come up with the name "Nice Ghost"?

I honestly sat there and brainstormed for about a year in 2015/2016. I wrote down every idea I had, good or bad. I love the word "ghost" and am kind of fascinated by ghosts and the like, so I had been hovering around that word for a while when "Nice Ghost" popped into my head. I got really excited and looked it up - sure enough, it hadn't been taken so I jumped on it. I have been saying since it started that it's not "nice ghost" as in, a ghost that is kind or friendly, but rather it's like saying "hey, wow that's a nice ghost you got there!" Like hey, nice ghost, dude!

Can you tell us a little something about yourself?

With time I'm more and more convinced that I'm some kind of alien that came from somewhere other than earth. Hang out with me enough and you'll start to see what I mean. Honestly, I'm not really sure how to describe myself but I'm sure I've always been a little bit out there.

How would you describe your musical style?

I've settled on "Introvert Rock." Something that vaguely resembles 90s rock, written through the lens of someone who does more observing than participating. Shout out to all my introverted pals out there, staying home and lovin' it.

You just released your new single "The Green Man"! How excited were you to get this project out into the world?!?

The Green Man is one of my proudest moments. The recording process involved cracking leaves and twigs, tapping on rocks, sharpening a knife in front of a microphone, stuff like that. Besides that, I think it's all about the groove. Every time the second verse hits, I can't help but dance - even though I've heard it 10,000 times already. I'm really, really proud of The Green Man. Fun fact - when the album comes out in August, there will be a considerably longer version of the song that comes with it.

Can you tell us what this song means to you?

This song is an exercise in imagination. It tells a story about a haunting tree creature (a ghost that isn't very nice, possibly) and my plotting to save the day. Yep like I said, I might be an alien. I wrote a song about a tree monster.

What do you hope your supporters feel after hearing the new song?

I just want people to want to dance, dim the lights, and vibe out to the sounds. It's all about the feel. Especially right now in times of social distancing - I just hope it makes people have a bit of fun and gives them something to groove to, even just at home.

Do you have any advice for aspiring music artists?

My main advice is to not ever listen to the naysayers. A lot of people will say that you're not good enough. Or that something about you will make it so that you can't "make it". They're wrong. Ignore them and push forward. Associate with people who encourage you. People who WANT you to succeed. And if you're in a band or duo or whatever, make sure everyone is on the same page as far as priorities go. A band can only go as far as the least committed member lets it go. If you want to take it all the way, play with other people who are ready to commit to it on THAT level. And then... be patient.