Nick Dellas Tell Us A Story In “Airplane Mode” ft Slayo

Humboldt County Native, Nick Dellas developed his musical background early on his childhood. After finishing high school in 2009, Dellas moved to Santa Rosa, CA for a couple years & started the early days of recording music in his cousin's bedroom. In 2012, Dellas moved to Los Angeles & started taking his music career seriously. He released his first album in 2016 titled "Gangs + Tranquility" & his second album "Never Conform" in November of 2018. Releasing his third project in July of 2019, "What Goes Around Comes Around", Nick Dellas displays his variety of flows and strong ability for storytelling.

“Airplane Mode” is a hypnotizing new track from Nick Dellas. His authentic sound is a refreshing a new addition to the hip-hop scene. “Airplane Mode” is a track all about escaping from the rest of the world when you’re with the one your girl Nick Dellas weaves through storytelling aspects as his expert bars flow perfectly with the smooth back beat. With soft and alluring textures, it’s easy to get lost in the music. “Airplane Mode” is a dope new track from Nick Dellas and features the talented Slayo. We love this collaboration and we can’t wait to see what Nick Dellas delivers next!

Check out “Airplane Mode” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Nick! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling us more about how you got started making music?

First things first, Shoutout to BuzzMusic! Now we can begin. Music has always played a central role all throughout my life. Back in high school, I remember free-styling at lunch & at parties. 99% of the time people would tell me you should start recording music so I took their advice & the rest is history.

What can fans expect from your new album “What Goes Around Comes Around”?

With "What Goes Around Comes Around", even though there's only 5 songs, not 1 song sounds the same. They all have different vibes. I'd say fans can expect to hear three things from WGACA : Crazy storytelling, Fire production (Shout to Slayo), & overall my ability to adapt on various beats with ease.

What’s the meaning behind your track “Airplane Mode?

"Airplane Mode" is probably my favorite record on the EP. I'd say the meaning behind it would be to not let anything or anyone distract you in life from getting your money & progressing! & never forget to live in the moment.

What emotions do you have to channel when creating your music?

That's a hard one. Usually I refer to experiences I've already been through or am currently going through & use them as inspiration for writing. The best advice I could give any artist is to avoid stagnation. Try new things & go new places. You'll come back home feeling way more inspired than if you would've stayed in your same routine.

What’s next for you and your career?

I'm planning on shooting a couple videos for songs on WGACA. Definitely drop another project before the end of this year. Also I gotta find a manager to hop in the mix with me. Best case scenario, I'll be performing at SXSW in 2020! 

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