Nick Isham Delivers a Vulnerable Hit “I Wanna Know”

Nick Isham released the song of the year with his single “I Wanna Know”. “I Wanna Know” begins immediately with Nick Isham’s engrossing voice. His vocals have this raspy and dynamic tone that has the ability to go through multiple registers in his voice. Nick Isham knew how to give you soft dynamics at the perfect correlating measure in “I Wanna Know” while increasing the power in his voice at the right section of the song. “I Wanna Know” instrumentation was delightfully subdued. It was like a feathery light texture that didn’t do too much and allowed for Nick Isham to vocally progress throughout the song. The emotional conviction in “I Wanna Know” is what makes the song stand-out the most. The vulnerable lyricism had to be delivered in a passionate execution and Nick Isham didn’t disappoint not one bit.

“I Wanna Know” is a song that can give us a heart-rendering impact by the sentimental atmosphere that’s created for us. Nick Isham has every element to his artistry to reel you in. With his soulful voice, rhythmic ingenuity, his personal storytelling, and melodic messages pull people in from the very first note. Influenced by a wide range of artists from Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson and Justin Timberlake, to Bill Withers and Van Morrison, and even to country artists such as Sam Hunt and Chris Stapleton, Nick has developed his sound from this variety of influences, crafting his own, unique style of acoustic pop music.

You can listen to this moving piece “I Wanna Know” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Nick Isham! How is it living in Los Angeles? 

Hey! Thank you so much for having me! Living in LA is awesome, I love it out here.  We’ve got the beach, snow, and desert close enough to do all three in one day, gotta love that! 

“I Wanna Know” lyrics felt authentically sentimental! What inspired you to write this single? 

Aw, thank you.  So this was inspired by the last relationship I was in.  I thought about when I hit that point with her where I just wanted to know everything about her - the good, the bad, all the stories, everything she wants to accomplish in life, etc.  So I wrote it pulling from that experience and those feelings I had at that point in my life.

“I Wanna Know” had light instrumentation that was highly fitting for this record.  Can you describe the arrangements you were seeking in this?

For sure - so first of all, I co-wrote and produced this song with Mikal Blue and Nate Lennox who were awesome to work with!  They really helped me capture exactly what I had in mind for this song.  I really wanted it to have very minimal production and I actually came in with a very very rough outline of the kind of vibe I wanted - and the three of us just went in and they helped bring that to life.  It is obviously based mainly around the guitar progression that we have going through the whole song.  And then we just made sure to build the drums and other instruments up and strip them back around the guitar, depending on the section, in order to create some dramatic effects throughout the song.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “I Wanna Know” for you?

The most challenging was probably the vocals.  We had written the song and recorded vocals.  But then before releasing it, I performed the song a number of times and really felt I needed to go back in and re-record the vocals now that I had more of a feel for the song.  So we did that and I am glad we did!

What’s next for you Nick Isham?

What’s next…. Well, I released my sixth single, Only Human, last month and then just got done with a 2-week, west coast tour.  So I am now getting the music video for that prepped and ready to go.  And then planning my releases for next year - picking songs and in production on those.  I am making a 3-week trip out to Nashville in January and then a 3-week trip in Europe for a little tour out there at the end of March-April.  Very excited about all of it!