Nick Rannikko Produces A Killer Summer Single!

Hailing from Belchertown, Massachusetts, Nick Rannikko is a hard-working producer in the music scene, producing music as well as integrating his dynamic vocals into the tracks. Getting into music from an incredibly young age, Nick knew music was his calling for sure. Getting an early start being exposed to the music scene, Nick captured a variety of his experiences throughout life, and applies all knowledge to the curation of his music. It's easy to tell when artists take their time to craft a single. Nick Rannikko is undoubtedly that type of artist that pours his most into his creations, and it doesn't go unnoticed! His latest track, "Fucked Up" will almost certainly catch your attention with its undeniable eccentric energy!

Nick's "Fucked Up" is that perfect mix of Pop, Rap, integrated with a slight House vibe. Featuring Eliza Roe, "Fucked Up" is that type of song that expels an inspirational feeling to it. You know those tracks you give a listen to and automatically feel motivated and uplifted? Nick's track is that type of song--you can quite literally feel the energy surging from the track. Capturing that bubbly and vivacious rhythm, "Fucked Up" embodies a more modern and jubilant sound. It puts you in a relaxing and positive mood. We need more types of songs like Nick's, where you have an underlying catchy beat mixed with a feel-good tempo all throughout!

The vocalism is also pitch-perfect, something we can't just not comment on. Eliza Roe does an amazing job tying up the elements Nick provides to the track, as her voice is incredibly angelic. Tied in with Nick's voice as well, we truly believe the two complement each others voices extremely well for the type of track "Fucked Up" is. Nick Rannikko also definitely does a stellar job with the production of "Fucked Up", and we're seriously looking out for more of his upcoming releases, because Nick is no newbie when it comes to producing a killer summer track. 

Listen to "Fucked Up" here, and keep reading for our interview with Nick Rannikko

Hey Nick! Nice getting to chat with you! Tell our readers how your musical journey has been thus far?

 It's been up and downhill actually. At some points, I'll have no inspiration and get frustrated when trying to come up with any ideas. But lately, I've been cranking out songs left and right for my upcoming EP. I've been getting a lot of great feedback on some of the songs too. I'm at the point now where I'm confident with my music and I can try to put my name out there. Hearing what people think about my music while building a solid fanbase has been going great so far.

"Fucked Up" was an energetic and fun-loving track! How did the production of the song go for you?

Honestly, It was difficult trying to come up with how I wanted it to sound. At first, it was just a simple piano melody with a solid kick and a clap and I didn't know what direction it was going to take. The idea in my head originally was supposed to be a slow, chill kind of track but after playing around with some presets on serum I found out how I wanted the song to be. After having a solid base down for the song, I decided to contact Eliza to see if she wanted to be on another song and luckily enough, she was down! I can't thank her enough because she really captured the vibe of what the song is supposed to be and really made "Fucked Up" what it truly is. After getting her vocals on the first part of the track, it was easy to come up with the whole song because of how inspired I was. The song actually took about 6 or 7 months to complete because I really wanted to make this song one that people could feel and not just hear. 

What kind of feeling were you wanting your listeners to receive when listening to your latest track?

I really wanted to capture the feeling of, almost like, a first kiss. The energy you feel, the rising butterflies you get, and the pure adrenaline rush you have. The song is about two people who don't really know how to show their feelings to each other while also knowing that they both still love each other but kind of "Fucked Up" their relationship. I really wanted to make the beat hard but also have a solid, and happy melody to it like it's calling back on the feeling towards the memories the two used to have. 

What would you say feeds your passion for music daily?

Just the experience of pure life feeds my passion. There are so many moments in life that people don't even realize happens where you can take that moment or feeling and put it in a song. Whenever something tragic, sad, happy, or just flat out ridiculous happens, I take out my phone and start firing away at lyrics or record myself poorly mumbling a melody to put into some sort of track later. Granted, I've only been alive for 19 years but most of my songs have come from just how I felt in the moment of my life and there's still plenty of life left. So I'm excited to see what I come up with next. 

Are you planning on performing any of your tracks in the near future?

Right now I'm super busy working on my EP and still have a couple of tracks to work on. After that's done I'll most likely start to perform my songs. But long term I would absolutely love to perform my tracks in the future.  

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