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Nick Ryan Makes a Tremendous Comeback to Pop-Rock With New Single, “Bow Down”

Nashville’s very own Alternative/Pop-Rock artist Nick Ryan is coming in hot with his newest single “Bow Down”, sure to rock you to your very core.

Nick Ryan has had quite the career thus far, obtaining degrees in Recording Arts and Entertainment Business. Following the release of his debut album, Nick Ryan is ready to show off his style once again with this new single, an introduction to his upcoming album 'Nemesis.' “Bow Down” contains the classic attitude that Nick Ryan brings to his tracks, this time extra pumped-up with the goal of amplifying his listener's moods and giving them a reason to hype themselves up.

Solid drum beats introduce “Bow Down” and set the scene for the iconic beat that carries throughout the song. Nick Ryan’s love of Hip-Hop Rebellious lyrics demonstrates Nick Ryan’s natural and confident vocals. The simple, edgy guitar is then introduced to complete the sound, sure to capture the attention of previous and new listeners. “Bow Down” closes off with an abrupt, assertive ending that lets you know that Nick Ryan knows what he is worth. This is one to come back to over and over again to increase your stamina and get you ready for whatever life brings at you.

What do you think is the most important thing for listeners to take from a first listen to “Bow Down?"

Thank you for listening! “Bow Down” is a warning to the doubters and the haters first and foremost. It is to my upcoming album Nemesis what “Don’t Make an Enemy of Me” was to Lone Wolf. I can be shy, reserved, and quiet when I’m meeting new people and because of that I have been manipulated and taken advantage of many times when I was younger. After conquering my social anxiety with therapy and through writing these songs, it’s a way to empower myself and it’s just such a fun song. I sent it to multiple producers, and everyone wanted to work on this song, so I’m going to be releasing a few remixes of it! I want listeners to take away that it’s ok to stand up for yourself and not tolerate disrespect, but also remember that karma has its way of sorting everything out. I think a lot of people are afraid of that in the entertainment industry, especially newer artists. No one wants to ruffle any feathers, so they don’t lose out on an opportunity. I’ve dealt with so much abuse in the past 12 years of doing this that I’m ok with it. If I intimidate people for being strong-minded, those opportunities aren’t for me! Rappers get away with angry music all the time. This is my “Bodak Yellow”!

What was your experience like during your virtual co-write with Jessica Fodor for “Bow Down?" Do you find it challenging to write with others in a virtual setting?

It was a total blast! This was our first write together. We really hit it off because we bonded over our love of Alanis Morrissette and other angsty 90s music. I had the title and the chorus I think. That was usually how most of my cowrites were until I moved to Nashville. I rarely wrote anything from scratch. They were half-finished songs that I came up with randomly like some kind of divine intervention. I had just gotten into Cardi B almost a year after she popped off and I had the title idea from Beyonce’s “***Flawless” and I wanted something that was fun and aggressive. Something I could see them cutting, which I’m still down for if they are listening! We just got on so well with this write and had the best time coming up with these aggressive and goofy lyrics and I hope everyone gets the intention. I actually have had my best and my favorite cowrites via Skype, even when I moved to Nashville! It was the only way I could write with people I’m compatible with at the time, and since I don’t write country music, it still is! But I wouldn’t be able to create all of these songs and visuals without moving down here.

How does “Bow Down” compare to the rest of your upcoming album? What other elements can we expect to hear?

All the songs on Nemesis deal with my previous life experiences recording my first album. It’s a very competitive and image-driven business, but I still cannot imagine doing anything else. I’ve encountered many narcissists, egos, and manipulative people along the way inside and outside the industry. I’ve lost friends out of jealousy of the things I was accomplishing because they wanted to be where I was. That was a blessing in disguise because they were very toxic and should have let them go years before. I’ve had people invalidate my feelings and gaslight my experiences and thoughts. There are so many people that also pretend they have all these credits, money, and connections, but when you do a deep dive you find nothing on them and lots of red flags. The album is dark, satirical, edgy, funny, empowering, and emotional. Three other songs I previously released in the past five years will be on the record, most in new forms. I was going to shelve this record, but I’m happier reviving it! There are some songs that are going to be relatable to everyone. The whole album is full of real instruments and no autotune. Jordan Grubbs produced most of the album and the production style of “Bow Down” and the covers I released over the past year will give you a taste of the sound. He has a very retro 60s/70s vibe to him and I brought the 80s/90s/00s.

How has your music education background helped advance your career in this industry?

Time and experience have helped me more than my education, but it did prepare me for my path as an artist. Learning about the recording side and the business side helped me navigate studio setup, contracts, royalties, event planning, and social media management, but I was doing a lot of that before school. I always loved hosting events and I grew up during the beginning of social media with the Myspace days. My education helped me with my networking skills as I was afraid to talk to strangers. We all had ambiguous screen names and emails before Facebook came along and robbed us of our privacy. Now everyone’s email is their full name and showcasing their personal lives on social media. One thing a professor told me in college that really prepared me for being in the studio was to treat new artists as well as the major label veterans because they might be the next big thing. Knowing that new artists even get treated as if they know absolutely nothing no matter how much education and experience they have beforehand helped me have thick skin when I encountered those situations. Staying humble through it all has also been a blessing. It’s kind of like an undercover boss. Being new in town I was sometimes treated like a nobody, but it was always a fun surprise when winter comes around and I’m like “Surprise! Look who’s at the GRAMMYs again!”

What's next for you?

I have so many projects I’m working on! I’m releasing a covers EP this summer, the new album in the fall, my third album next year of the songs I wrote from 2019, a covers album, a Christmas EP, a remix album, live acoustic releases, and many more to come! I finally put together my dream team that is making all my wildest dreams come true! I’m putting out at least one song and video per month for the foreseeable future. And I’m hoping to get a band back together and play live shows and maybe tour when this pandemic is over! There are lots to look forward to, so stay tuned! I’m so grateful.



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