Nick Ryan Makes a Tremendous Comeback to Pop-Rock With New Single, “Bow Down”

Nashville’s very own Alternative/Pop-Rock artist Nick Ryan is coming in hot with his newest single “Bow Down”, sure to rock you to your very core.

Nick Ryan has had quite the career thus far, obtaining degrees in Recording Arts and Entertainment Business. Following the release of his debut album, Nick Ryan is ready to show off his style once again with this new single, an introduction to his upcoming album 'Nemesis.' “Bow Down” contains the classic attitude that Nick Ryan brings to his tracks, this time extra pumped-up with the goal of amplifying his listener's moods and giving them a reason to hype themselves up.

Solid drum beats introduce “Bow Down” and set the scene for the iconic beat that carries throughout the song. Nick Ryan’s love of Hip-Hop Rebellious lyrics demonstrates Nick Ryan’s natural and confident vocals. The simple, edgy guitar is then introduced to complete the sound, sure to capture the attention of previous and new listeners. “Bow Down” closes off with an abrupt, assertive ending that lets you know that Nick Ryan knows what he is worth. This is one to come back to over and over again to increase your stamina and get you ready for whatever life brings at you.

What do you think is the most important thing for listeners to take from a first listen to “Bow Down?"

Thank you for listening! “Bow Down” is a warning to the doubters and the haters first and foremost. It is to my upcoming album Nemesis what “Don’t Make an Enemy of Me” was to