Nick Ryan Moves Onward and Upward in, "Don't Hold Your Breath"

Soaring in from Nashville, Tennessee, the alternative-pop/rock artist and singer-songwriter Nick Ryan releases an incredibly meaningful and motivational single entitled "Don't Hold Your Breath."

Graduating from Full Sail University with degrees in Recording Arts and Entertainment Business has led Nick Ryan into various industry ventures. After his debut album, 'Lone Wolf,' Nick Ryan found himself collaborating with Grammy Award winners, former label band members, music publishers, and songwriters across North America and Europe.

Gearing up to release his forthcoming album, 'Nemesis,' Nick Ryan begins that venture with the project's lead single, "Don't Hold Your Breath." When elaborating on the single, Nick Ryan mentions, "It's a response to people that don't hold you in high regard. You're giving, and they are only taking. They emotionally drain you, so if they try to crawl their way back into your life, tell them don't hold your breath."

Co-written with Sarah McSweeney, "Don't Hold Your Breath" opens with the brightest of instrumentation through a beaming acoustic guitar and punchy drum breaks. Once fluid and lush lead guitar make its way in, Nick Ryan begins to elaborate on the song's theme through lyrics that touch on selfish people who choke on their pride and come up for air after reflecting on their wrongdoings.

As we reach the hook, Nick Ryan reminds them not to hold their breath, as he's moving on for the better. We can feel a sense of betrayal through Nick Ryan's descriptive lyricism, which encourages listeners to look before they fall in love or into a friendship that doesn't seem entirely authentic.