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Nick Ryan Proclaims, "I Will Not Be Silent" In His Latest Single

Nashville-based artist Nick Ryan has released his Alternative/Pop-Rock-inspired single, "I Will Not Be Silent." The singer/songwriter brings a traditional sense to this song, which he co-wrote with Jessica Fodor.

The latest work of Nick Ryan included his debut album, titled "Lone Wolf," which was released over five years ago. Making a serious comeback, Nick Ryan is now ready to dominate the music scene with a vengeance, and he begins the quest with "I Will Not Be Silent."

"I Will Not Be Silent" begins with acoustic-driven melodies that guide listeners into Nick Ryan's distinct vocal tone. Nick Ryan's vocal range is tested within this track, as his vibrant attitude brings forth a vigorous intensity from the artist. "I Will Not Be Silent" fixates on one singular theme: freedom. Nick Ryan proclaims his individuality and sense of space, singing that he'll take on any fight to keep his freedom intact.

Nick Ryan's vocals stand out quite contrastingly to the melody featured in "I Will Not Be Silent." The direction he takes on here allows his voice to be heard with even higher enthusiasm and intensity. Nick Ryan doesn't waiver his force of mind for the song's duration, letting listeners know that his mentality will ultimately prevail.

Listen to Nick Ryan's powerful, freedom-driven single on significant music platforms today.

Hello and welcome, Nick Ryan! Congratulations on the release of your single, "I Will Not Be Silent." How does it feel to have this single released to the music world?

It feels great! I'm proud of this song, and it's the message. It's essential to stand up for yourself. I want to inspire others and give people a voice. We need more music like that.

How would you describe the collaboration on this particular song? Would you work with Jessica Fodor again for future songwriting?

This was the second or third song we wrote together. I had about half the song finished, I believe, and I brought it to Jess to work on, from what I can recall. I will love to work with her again if she chooses to write again! It was an easy and fun collaboration.

There was a clear and distinct theme featured in "I Will Not Be Silent." Can you elaborate on your intentions for this song and what you were hoping your listeners would think upon listening?

Many people are manipulative in the music industry, and I was inspired by similar situations I was in and the situation with Kesha. The people at the top of the food chain act like they hold the artist's careers in their hands and can do what they please with them. Force them to be silent or else. I wanted to bring that to light and make listeners aware that it's more common than they think.

Do you see yourself creating future music that hones into the same kind of perspective that "I Will Not Be Silent" held?

I like to create music with meaning and a good message. I am hopefully writing from past experiences and not current events. Let's hope the state of the world improves! I hope so!

What's next for you, Nick?

I have my next single, the up-tempo version of "Murder Business," and my album "Nemesis" dropping the following week! It's a dream come true! I'm so excited to share this project with the world finally.


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