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NickTheGreat Places the Emphasis On "Self love"

Hailing from North York, Canada NickTheGreat embraces inspiration from many places, people, and things.

Creating art has always been an outlet for NickTheGreat. As a child having to experience grief and pain, he has transferred this frustration into something greater than himself, but the power to relate to others.

Easing our minds with a mesmerizing release of tranquil tenors, NickTheGreat’s most recent single, “Self love,” tumbles into our minds with an animated conveyance of vocal ecstasy. The emotional echoes released from NickTheGreat’s vocalization have us moved in an intrapersonal connection of intimacy. The lyrical content delved into has us capturing the delicate side of NickTheGReat as an artist and individual apart from the intoxicating melodies that he placed forth. Touching into the genre of Contemporary R&B while uniquely finding a way to make it his own, we can’t help but be stimulated by the depths of passionate significance.

Encompassing the deluxe luxury that arouses our thought-provoking quintessence in a swarm of ethereal tendencies, NickTheGreat showers us in a radiating performance best served with dim lights and your finest glass of wine. Vulnerable coatings of cogency, drizzle into the unparalleled ambiance of mid-tempo tempo grooves in, “Self-love.”

Creating intricate imagery that floats to the surface of our lives, NickTheGreat brings life to the artistic versatility that he sprawls over a sonic canvas. With each body of work progressing him to a new-found glory, the aptitudes of his righteous messaging come in various forms of his conveyance. Be sure to check out NickTheGreat’s latest single, “Self-love,” and see what all the hype is about for yourself.

We are loving your latest release, “Self love.” What inspired the lyrical content of this particular song?

What inspired my lyrics of this song was pretty much straight forward LOVE YOURSELF cause nobody is going to love you harder than you expect for God. You gotta be your own super fan even when you don’t have any fans (stalkers) around you. If you can’t chill by your lonesome then why do you think anyone wants to go around you. A lot of people in my generation have yet to ask that question and it all starts with self-examination. That’s self-love. Know yourself.

With your artistic style always changing, what musical and non-musical influences do you allow to speak into the music that you create?

I have a purpose to express all that my people have endured and are still enduring. Our environment, our mental/ spirit. My job is to wake up my people through sounds and words to make them think.

How long was the creation and recording process for “Self love”? Were there any memorable moments along the way?

"Self love" was created in my bedroom on my iPhone 6 with a garage band and cheap headphones lol then I kept listening to it over and over like I always do with my songs but this one hit something in me. I let it sit on the shelf for a year.. tried re-cording it at a friend's studio but then the irony hit. I called the song "Self love" and yet here I was trying to perfect my song as if I didn’t already love it so I had to walk away from peoples studio and work on it myself and that’s what I did during COVID (perfect timing by way) purchased logic. Got my equipment and got to work.

How does “Self love,” compare to other songs in your music catalog?

"Self-love" is the next phase in my life from my previous song advice. Which was about taking your own advice and listening to intuition. Now it’s time to put it into action by self-love.

What's next for you?

More independent work that I’m proud of will be on the way!

It’s bigger than music.



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