Nico Savaro Reminds Us to Hold Onto Faith With His Optimistic Single “It’s a Vibe”

Los Angeles native alt-pop artist Nico Savaro brings the world a bright message on his recent single “It’s a Vibe”. He’s said to surround mental health advocacy through most of his music, being the empath that he is, Nico Savaro always has the intention of letting his audience relax and take a step back from reality through his finely-tuned sound. Nico Savaro’s latest single “It’s a Vibe” serves the world a feel-good message in such a crazy time, not to mention being released on the most euphoric date in April pushing the songs meaning to resonate with many audiences.

“It's a Vibe” captures the lyricism of everyday routine which we all notably reminisce, working 9-5 waiting for the weekend to kick back and vibe out. Nico Savaro brings another warmhearted element to the playful track, through the exhilarating delivery he serves a well-lit atmosphere that perfectly meets up with the songs upbeat underlying pop production. The supporting instrumentals bring forward bright plucky synths and cheerful melodies that tightly harmonize with Nico Savaro’s timeless vocals. “It’s a Vibe” reaches its peak at the thrilling chorus, bring an anthemic sound and letting us hold onto hope that the world will be back to normal soon. All in all, Nico Savaro has grasped effective songwriting allowing many different audiences to resonate with his hopeful single “It’s a Vibe”.

Hello Nico Savaro! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We can't stop feeling good to your single "It's A Vibe"! What was the songwriting and production process for it like?

That’s exactly what I want to hear! I want people to listen to it and literally say “It’s a Vibe!” Essentially, I wanted to create a modern-day “Good Vibrations”; to have a song that was just completely committed to a carefree state of mind and well, good vibes! We need more positivity in this world. Now more than ever.

How did you come up with the vocal effects that are happening in the record? Was this something that came during the songwriting? 

It definitely came to life after the songwriting process. It was first just written on the guitar. I then gave the acoustic reference track to my producing partner Tommy (aka Thomas McPhillips) and he went to town on the production. After that, we had a lot of post-production involvement. Really nailing down the harmonies, adding bass guitar riffs (courtesy of our buddy Jonathan Elyashiv), and just having the whole team advise. Big shout out to Toni Kasza and to our boy Elliott Lanam @ Hidden City Studios.  

We heard that you often use other people's story's as inspiration, where do you get their stories from? What's it like to hear them?

The track isn’t inspired by anyone in particular; it’s using my imagination to write from the perspective of someone who does have a 9-5 office job but doesn’t just live for the weekend.  He recognizes that you got to treat every day like it’s the weekend, but, when the weekend does come, you go especially hard and make the best of it. It’s also not just about going out and getting laid, but about being more in touch with our higher vibrations, to be more present at the moment and to share that with others. You can do that by staying in with a close group of friends, with your significant other, or during this crazy time in our history when most of us are in self-induced quarantine, we can embrace and support one another online. There are all kinds of different ways and platforms we can leverage to catch that vibe. 

How would you say you've evolved as an artist compared to your older records? How has your sound evolved since you started?

I only released my first official single “Writing On The Wall” back in October so most people haven’t been able to see or hear my evolution. For those that were following me back when I was just shooting videos of me playing my songs on acoustic guitar know of the massive transformation. A lot of my songs that are already out all sounded completely different just a few years ago. I was limiting myself because the sound wasn’t cohesively capturing all my influences, so I was fortunate enough to meet Tommy and cultivate a unique sound that encapsulates all my influences and allows me to really set myself apart.