Nicole Chambers Will Take You to Another World With Her New Single “Take Flight”

Nicole Chambers is from Toronto, Ontario, and has been developing her skills as an R&B artist by collaborating with names such as Witch Prophet and DviousMindz. She uses music as a way to connect with others and bring positivity to the world.

Nicole Chambers recently released her new single “Take Flight”, a light and airy R&B song with bubbly lyrics, but a strong beat and backing track. Nicole shows off her well developed, smooth vocals and sings about a love that she hasn’t encountered yet but hopes to someday. Nicole utilizes runs and high falsetto throughout the song to add texture and unique dynamics. On top of this, her harmonies are soft and alleviating and allow you to sink into the atmosphere of the song. Nicole also adds a unique element to her song with a rap verse layered on top of her vocals. Everyone has dreamt of finding their one true love, someone who makes all the hardships they have endured feel like tiny bumps in the road. She sings about running away with her love, with lyrics such as “I felt a shift in my life when you came along”. Nicole Chambers puts that feeling into words with “Take Flight”, and it is something that can be appreciated by everyone, regardless of if you have encountered that feeling before.

Listen to “Take Flight” by Nicole Chambers here.

Hey Nicole Chambers! Thank you for sharing your song “Take Flight” with us at BuzzMusic, can you tell us a little bit about your songwriting process?

Thank you for the love! For this song, in particular, the track felt like a love song, so I began to visualize what that looked like for me. From there, I pieced together different melody lines until it resonated with me.

How did you manage to capture a feeling so well that you have never experienced it?

So I don’t really write a lot of love songs, but as soon as I heard this track I immediately felt a love connection. I tried to channel my future love in the song, because even though they haven’t appeared yet I know life is preparing me for that moment.

How long have you been pursuing music? Can you describe a moment in your life where you realized you were on the right path?

I would say about seven years now. I have been writing songs since I was a kid, but highschool was my turning point. After highschool, I decided to study jazz vocals in college, and I’ve been performing ever since.

Although I am still on the path to discovering my full potential as an artist, hearing positive feedback from people at shows or online, telling me how my music has uplifted them through a difficult time always encourages me to push forward.

What made you decide to add a rap verse to “Take Flight”, and how do you feel this enhances the song?

When the producer Dviousmindz first sent me this track, it was such a vibe that I figured I would manage on my own. However, once I sat with it I knew I needed Stretch. I have always loved his writing style, and since the song is me having a conversation with the love of my life, it needed to be two-sided.

Do you enjoy experimenting with music and trying different sounds? What can we expect from your next releases?

YES! Experimenting is so key because it helps you discover your sound, which can be more than one. I am currently working on an album so stay tuned…