Nicole Leaskk Has Us In A Reflective State With "Since You Were Mine"

R&B/Pop artist Nicole Leaskk uses metaphoric and emotive lyrics paired with raw vocals in order to garner the worldwide attention that she does. With a wide range of influences from artists such as Amy Winehouse, Jorja Smith and Sam Tompkins, she infuses her music with their inspiration while making it entirely her own.

The latest release from Nicole Leaskk is titled, “Since You Were Mine.” A track in which she allows her audience to relate with her on an intrapersonal level.

As we dig into the raw emotion lingering in each word performed, “Since You Were Mine,” has a light footing where a somber tone would normally take the wheel. Using the pent up frustrations that linger on her mind, Nicole Leaskk fuels her fire with a sizzling passion and undeniable vocal range.

Delving into the themes brought to light, “Since You Were Mine,” tells a tale reminiscent of leaving a city or place that you adored and how it can feel like a breakup.

Nicole Leaskk utilizes witty wording to prove to the listener that not everything is literal in our lifetime. The simplicity of the instrumentation is eloquent as we keep our attention fixated on the remarkable vocal delivery from the buoyant Pop artist. Sifting through various sensations, we are provided with a graceful listening experience as we pick up on something new in each intricate phrase that Nicole Leaskk utters.

It is no wonder that all eyes are on her as she climbs her way to the top, the talent she produces is unmatched as she takes the helm and steers into her own paths set out. Leaving us with her alluring harmonies that cascade on brightly played keys, Nicole Leaskk steals a place in our hearts.

Congratulations on the release of, “Since You Were Mine.” You have such a way with your wording where it creates quite the image! With this particular song, could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when bringing it to life?

Thank you so much for having me and your support on "Since You Were Mine" and "Take You Back" and for your kind words. Of course. The song came to life when I was on the train coming back home to Nottingham. I was passing through Manchester and saw my old house. I suddenly felt really nostalgic. Manchester was a place where I really started to understand develop myself as an artist, it brought me so many new contacts and opportunities that I will be forever grateful for. The concept was that leaving a city is like a breakup. It's like having someone or somewhere to call home, you know everything about that place, build memories and relationships, learn the good and the bad and you leave part of yourself in that place when you leave. The line 'asked a man if he’d marry me…. It's proof that not everything is literal and there are times where we must sacrifice for the things we love and care about. I never asked a man to Marry me, but I committed myself to someone and gave up something that I loved so deeply that it felt so strong like marriage. I started to write down some words of how I was feeling and then text my producer and said 'Look I've got this idea for a track, let's see what we can come up with' and within a few months 'Since You Were Mine' was created. We spent weeks doing demo's and trying it out in the home studio and getting the perfect take that allowed the listener to understand the emotional message the song was conveying, but there was always something we were both unhappy with. We decided to go into the studio and got the whole song done in an hour.

What themes and messages would you like your audience to take away from, “Since You Were Mine”?

Great question. I think my whole aim of writing and creating music is to allow the listener to make up their own minds and to relate the lyrics and music to their own thoughts and feelings. Many people have said when they listen to the song, they don't think of a city, they think of losing someone they love and I love that. That was my intention because it then becomes more accessible to everybody. I love that when people listen to the lyrics they want to know more, they want to really explore the deeper meaning and REALLY understand my thoughts throughout. It helps to build a community and brings a discussion and gives an open space for people to deal with feelings that they haven't been able to do before listening to Since You Were Mine.

How do you determine the amount of vulnerability to pour out to your audience? Is there ever a limit where it seems like you’re giving too much?

I don't think it's every something that is forcefully there. I tend to write emotional songs and my music is honest, otherwise, how can I tell the story right? I think it can be vulnerable to expose yourself to the world, with your deepest and darkest thoughts and I'd be lying if I said i haven't been in tears by the end of a studio session, but its important that we allow others to know those thoughts because we're all fighting a battle and can all feel lonely, my music is there to help people know they're not alone and give them hope. If your honest your strength will grow.

With every artist being different, what happens to be your favorite part of the creative process?

Defiantly when you can hear the song coming together. Some songs can start from one line and build, and others can be improvised repeatedly until something sticks, but when you suddenly lose yourself in the music and believe and feel what you're writing, there's nothing that compares.

What is the message you hope for people to take away from you and your music?

Always know someone is there who understands you and knows what you're going through. We are here to support each other. I hope that people can understand me and my character a little more and they can relate. But most of all I want them to enjoy it. Listen when they're sad/happy/confused whatever the emotion, my music is there for them and so am I.