Nicole & Scotty Debut New Song “Sweet & Sour”

From Southern California, today we are graced with something truly amazing from a brother and sister duo and we are really excited about this! We have Nicole & Scotty with their new single “Sweet N Sour”

Combining pop and rock, Nicole & Scotty truly blend both worlds into something unique, but yet familiar, hitting that spot that we all crave. The song begins with a soft drum beat, then is joined by the beautiful vocal performance that is provided by Nicole and soothing guitars. The song's general vibe is reminiscent of “Rumour Has It” by Adele, with a bit more of a rock influence. Vocals, Nicole has the same smooth voice as Adele and the guitar work is more along the lines of Blues Rock. When the chorus hits, you can’t help but move around a bit and get sucked into the infectious melodies that bring the song to life. By the end of the song, you are completely hooked and ready for more! If you haven’t heard the song on repeat a few times after the first spin, then you are definitely looking into more music by Nicole & Scotty.

The good news is that there are two more songs that are worth enjoying and we are sure there will be more soon to come from this amazing brother/ sister duo. Do you ears a solid favor and listen to “Sweet N Sour” by the unstoppable siblings, Nicole & Scotty” here.