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Nicole & Scotty Have Us on the Line with "Dumb on the Internet"

The multi-talented, musical sibling duo, Nicole & Scotty are based in Southern California where the dynamic pair can be found mastering their craft as songwriters, musicians, audio engineers, producers, and lastly, recording and performing artists.

Garnering attention from the enthralling melodies that they create, they have achieved great success through Spotify, YouTube, Billboard Sound, and AXS. Devoting themselves to the creativity that strikes within, this vibrant twosome is taking the music industry by storm.

Their latest hit single, “Dumb on the Internet,” exudes a major Pop ambiance with the zest of the nostalgic 80’s Electronic era glistening through. The production quality on the immersive instrumentation has you swaying at a slow-tempo with impactful moments to counterbalance the ease and grace that “Dumb on the Internet,” radiates.

The raw vocalization of Nicole’s voice allows her to seamlessly blend into the composition as she shares the spotlight with the lively synths and pads.

Diving headfirst into topical content that we can all relate to after the year 2020, these witty songwriters express a comedic element to the chaos that the internet brings to those locked inside at home because of Covid-19. Through the lyrics put forth, the message makes itself loud and clear; with all, that’s happening out there, we may just be better off staying inside and taking what the internet has to offer us.

The captivating duo of Nicole & Scotty truly conquers all aspects of the production as they fashion mesmerizing bops that you couldn’t forget if you tried. With the charisma they provide to listeners far and wide, they manage to hit it out of the park in the ambiance dripped track that is “Dumb on the Internet.”


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