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NIGAN Lets “One More Day” Out Of Their Sound Bank Vault

The lead singer from NIGAN has it going on; he easily belts out powerful ballad notes with strength, control and passion. You almost wonder how he is able to hit those high notes and still sound so good! The drums are smashing on this track, the guitars are wailing- it’s a rock ballad through and through. A touching love song, yet the band creates a die hard rock sound to accompany it. If that doesn’t impress you, English isn’t NIGAN's first language. The songs are born in Italian and translated into English and it’s not an easy feat to capture the meaning of lyrics across languages, but the translation is not lost and the beauty and soul of NIGAN's compositions are on full display.

NIGAN is made up of four guys from Sardegna, Italy who have a strong desire to communicate their emotions through the music they create. The band began to take shape twenty-two years ago with a chance meeting between bandmates Nicola and Gianfranco leading to instant collaboration. Over the years they added two more members (Andrew and Mario) that have rounded out this foursome quite purposely. Thanks to the meeting with Antonio in 1999, through his criterion of observing the world and his ability to use English, he began to give a true identity to the songs. Here is the first text whose title is "One More Day". Grit and energy, what we needed to enhance a beautiful rock structure. "One More Day” debuted March 26, 2019 on 33 digital platforms.

Listen to "One More Day" here and get to know more about NIGAN below!

Guys! Thank you for speaking with us. Congratulations on your fresh single “One More Day”. What does it mean to you all to have the single out there for listeners to enjoy?

it's a pleasure for us, is a great joy to see our  published song, it repays all the sacrifice made in the realization of the project, knowing that any person even on the other side of the world can listen to our music, for us it is already a great goal!

Is it difficult translating the lyrics from Italian to English and still maintaining the same meaning and flow as its origins?

this is not a translation but to writing in English it is important to "think" in English.

You guys have been together for quite some time, what made you want to push to release your content now?

the NIGAN project over the years has encountered various obstacles, but finally with the arrival of solid elements in the band and the project has taken really shape!

Who are your musical influences?

There are many influences, mainly we come from the 80's and 90's

What are you most excited about in the year to come?

We have many projects coming out and we hope to reach as many people as possible with our music, because we have so much to say :-)


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