Nigerian Born Rapper $amad Releases Fresh Single “Guapanese”

$amad (born Samad Folami) is a hip hop artist from Lagos, Nigeria. $amad is a young artist at just 19 years of age. Currently, he is attending school in Vancouver while pursuing his goals in the music industry and pursuing his craft.

$amad has released a new single called “Guapanese”. This song is a collaborative effort featuring V3nic3. This single is introduced by a well crafted synth line that sparks a melancholic mood. Shortly thereafter, the vocals and beat enter and introduce a much more upbeat groove. The lyrics themselves carry the tune with a great rhythmic intensity. The beat keeps the the song grounded and is the perfect backdrop to the complexity of the lyrics. V3nic3 provides a good amount of variety throughout the song, trading back and forth with $amad in an organic way. The production value and maturity of the songwriting is very high, which is impressive considering that this artist is only 19 years of age. This is a fantastically done rap song that we highly recommend you check out. We can’t wait to see what else this young and talented artist comes up with.

Listen to “Guapanese” here and get to know more about $amad below!