"Night 2 Remember" Leaves Chills from Stoney Dudebro and K-Young's Soulful Harmonies

His saturated croon, the soulful harmonizations in the intro, and the blissful production from Stoney Dudebro present a night with K-Young like a pure utopia on "Night 2 Remember." "Night 2 Remember" feels like a habitual texture from LA where we can layout sun-facing and vibe to the weight in the duo's trendy invention.

Of course, The video accompanying the single serves as confirmation for the collaborator's real-time night-out, which has secured the contour and shade of their music a sensual neon-tinge and hovering afterglow.

"I got some kush we could roll up, let's get lit shorty, I got a pool on the roof lets take a dip," K-Young sings in the chorus; envious words for anyone to hear as our protagonists flaunt the foreshadowings of their THC-infused junctures. Even as explicit as it presents, Night 2 Remember still melts through all the contemporary in the feeling it gives our psyche—like an epicure of sensual seasonings. There's a rawness in his flow and voice as Stoney blazons, "It's time to roll up, I know we feeling vibes, and god damn I love this Cali life," while he cruises—back seats packed with ladies—in his high-life luxury car.

This is his attractive offer as he persuades any doubters to reconsider questioning and to witness his artistry as he unplugs and gets lit throughout this masterful production. Of the many sensuous not-so-underground concoctions emerging from isolation, a collaboration connecting K-Young and Stoney Dudebro definitely land largely in the cognizance score for what makes a laid back vibing hit. Their newest video production on Night 2 Remember, still feels beyond composure in the best regards to this effect, and we're still collecting ourselves as the track replays.

Thank you for being with us at BuzzMusic Stoney. What was it like filming this video with K-Young? That night must have been momentous for both of you, right?

It definitely looked like lots of fun. It was a dope night full of vibes for sure. Pulling up at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills was a vibe and getting to see the sunset over LA was incredible. Lots of trees, pretty women, great views, and great vibes.

How did you facilitate collaborating with K-Young on this single? Who reached out to who's direct messages, or was this a chance encounter of different sorts?

I recruited K.Young for this track. My boy Mr. Kooman made the beat and it had a sexy soundtrack type vibe and K. Young has been making R&B hits for well over a decade. I've been following K. Young and his former counterpart Yung Berg, now known as Hitmaka the Billboard dominating producer since they were known as "The Dream Team" back in the day. We linked at the studio in LA and the vibes just started flowing. We had the track laid down in about 2 hours and then my boy Adrian just had to fine-tune the mix. 

You encourage your audience to "vibe and out and open their minds" on your Spotify. What did you want to express through the video accompaniment and included motifs found throughout Night 2 Remember to inspire others to pursue their passions?

Don't be afraid to be yourself and bring your visions to life. In the studio, I told K. Young about the vision I had for the video and less than 90 days later we coordinated all the pieces and parts and made it a reality. The power of speaking self into existence can surprise you. Believe in yourself. The only thing you can't do is what you tell yourself you can't do.

Do you feel you have grown as an artist since collaborating with different maestros in the Hip-Hop industry—and it's surrounding counterparts?

Oh yeah for sure... I'm constantly working to improve my technique and sound; and when I get around other skilled artists who have been doing it for a long time it brings out the best in me. Rise to the occasion if you will. 

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

Working on the next project. Got some new songs recorded and going to be releasing new singles for the duration of 2020. Looking for ya boy Stoney to be very active in the 2nd half of 2020. I've been grinding in silence during this 'Rona crap.