Night Acclaim Asks For Just "A Little Bit" More In Debut Single

New Jersey-born songwriter and DJ Night Acclaim has had a passion for music for as long as he can remember. He was lucky enough to grow up around many seasoned musicians, helping him to hone his craft over his early years. Drawing inspiration from artists like Katy Perry, Betty Who, and Pretty Sister, Night Acclaim makes his industry debut with an upbeat, honest pop single, "A Little Bit," and definitely leaves us wanting more.

Listening to "A Little Bit," we are met with a warm, upbeat guitar lick, soft keys, and Night Acclaim's soothing vocals to set the scene. The first verse lulls us into Night Acclaim's world, outlining the end of a relationship while slowly building to the chorus through a crescendo of percussive elements. We find ourselves transitioning into a dance-pop anthem at the chorus, with an infectious beat and Night Acclaim's yearning vocals, bound to make you want to sing along to while blasting in your car.

We can't get enough of Night Acclaim's vulnerability in this track, perfectly encapsulating the feeling of young heartbreak. Through his honest and upfront lyrics, Night Acclaim perfectly portrays the exact feeling of knowing that the end is near for the relationship but wishing for just a little bit more time with that person despite this.

With the help of co-writer Myah Maria and producer Claudia Mills, Night Acclaim has definitely created a track we can't get out of our heads or our hearts. Go show Night Acclaim some love and stream his debut single "A Little Bit," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Night Acclaim! We are so excited for you on your debut single and want to congratulate you on releasing this extremely catchy pop anthem. Can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind “A Little Bit”?

Thank you so much for having me! I wanted to tell the story of heartbreak, second chances, and wanting more from a relationship when maybe the other person doesn’t feel that way. It can be a romantic relationship or a friendship that has changed over time. For me, I wanted more from a relationship but was not getting it from the other person.

What was it like collaborating with Claudia Mills and Myah Marie on this track? Any plans for future collaborations down the road?

Collaborating with Myah Marie and Claudia Mills on A Little Bit was a dream come true! I can’t believe someone with their talent wanted to share it with me. They are some of the nicest people to work with and they turned my idea into a reality. I learned so much from both of them and would love to work with them again in the future.

You perfectly encapsulate the feeling of wanting more time with the person you’re with before the relationship ends. Can you tell us more about the songwriting process behind the track? Was it difficult to be so vulnerable, especially in your first release?

Myah is a great storyteller. Her ability to put a story into lyrics is second nature. The first time I heard Body Ache, I was in love with it. I knew whoever wrote it, I wanted them to write on my track. However, It was difficult to be vulnerable, but heartbreak is inevitable at some point in our lives. All everybody talks about is the good things that happen to them and how happy they are, when on the inside, they are really not ok. They're hurting.

How has the experience been putting out your first single so far?

So far, my experience has been great! I have gained so many new listeners and have met so many nice people. Everyone I meet and know has been super supportive.

What's next for you?

Right now, I am currently working on a new song with songwriter Hailey Collier (Betty Who, David Guetta), and it will be released sometime in spring 2022. These two songs will follow the release of my EP which will be released in late 2022.