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Nightbird Casino Shakes "The Town," with a New Dynamic Single

Hailing from Oakland, CA, the experimental and artistic duo Nightbird Casino releases a treat for the ears with their latest dynamic single, "The Town."

After their inception in 2017, members James Moore and Don Shephard took an involuntary two-year hiatus until the pandemic in 2020. Since then, Nightbird Casino released their debut album, 'Georgian Nap,' last October and plan to release their sophomore album, 'Russian Carpet,' later this summer.

Now releasing their flavorful and hazy single, "The Town," Nightbird Casino can be heard exploring the sounds of art-rock, grunge, jazz, garage-rock, psych, electronica, and even classical. Also featuring session musician Nicolas Ocampo on clarinet, flute, sax, oboe, and bassoon, the song truly hits many genres within its four-minute course.

Hitting play on the single, "The Town," the song opens with Don Shephard's crashing drum breaks that bring us into the stratosphere of contemporary jazz. Once the grungey electric guitar and haunting bass make their appearance alongside a fluttery piano melody, the song takes off into a dreamy atmosphere. As soon as James Moore and Don Shephard make their broad vocal appearance, they leave us in a dark and foggy dream.

We love the raw and gritty feel of this single, as Nightbird Casino offers incredibly natural and organic vocal flairs that take us back a few decades to the prime era of grunge. We also adore the instrumental dexterity of this single, as it not only showcases Nightbird Casino's vast creative abilities but it leaves us tapping our feet and wanting more of these heavy-hitting pieces.

Don't miss out on the stimulating experience of NightbirdCasino's latest single, "The Town," and catch the duo's sophomore album, 'Russian Carpet,' later this summer on all digital streaming platforms.


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