Niki Kini Knows She's, "Better Off"

The multifaceted 19-year old British-Asian singer-songwriter and producer Niki Kini reigns from the UK with a left-of-center pop sound strengthened by UK roots.

Gravitating towards songwriting and producing after gaining some traction on her YouTube channel by performing covers, Niki Kini has played into her musical influences to establish her sound. With her inspirations including artists such as Amy Winehouse, P!nk, Rihanna, Miraa May, and D-Block Europe, she uses their unapologetic attitude as a muse and imprints those traits in the lyrics of her songs.

Fusing together an ethereal ambiance that flourishes in a kingdom of reverberated echoes, the chamber of Niki Kini’s “Better Off,” emits a surge of confidence in the bolstering timbres she effortlessly exudes. As we navigate through the dissonant vibrations, the mid-tempo bashfulness of her unapologetic persona storms into this soundscape in a way that constructs the salutary framework that strengthens this composition.

It’s near impossible to deviate from Niki Kini’s artistry as “Better Off” lances the soundwaves before you. Her authentic desire to portray the messaging that she brings to life reflects on the unique tenors etched into her undeniable sound. “Better Off,” has delicate attributes seeping throughout the instrumentation but the conviction that Niki Kini infuses into the words of profound meaning conveyed is dominant. The resilient characteristics that form her charisma are irrefutable. You find yourself gravitating towards her quintessence in a lucid manner.

Combining Niki Kini’s love for UK Hip-hop and the reminiscent throwbacks to childhood Pop nostalgia, it’s safe to say her sound pulls from the unsurpassed components that make these genres what they are. Forming her own lane of artistic vulnerability in the versatility she alluringly displays, Niki Kini is one to keep your eyes on.