Nikitaa Brings a Big Twist to the Pop Music Scene With Her Latest Single "Clutch"

Southasian singer/songwriter Nikitaa is all about bringing intimacy, as well as a sense of vibrancy, to her sound. We hear it effortlessly in her music, and especially so in recent collections from her. With a strong sense of Indian culture, Nikitaa strives to intertwine her love for classical Indian music and her passion for pop sounds. As a result, Nikitaa constructs a genre she refers to as, "Goddess Pop", and the product of her sound follows an empowering pursuit. Listeners can expect to receive wit and sass from Nikitaa (truly the best properties of a pop goddess) but still manages to bring a humbling sense to her music. 

Nikitaa released her luscious and exotically-driven single, "Clutch", and we can't get over how hypnotized we are by both her vocal sound and the dynamics presented in the accompanying music video. The song begins with the sensual vocal performance of Nikitaa, which appears itself as this certain kind of warmth that cascades over our senses. "Clutch" feels very dramatic with its alluring production, and the range that Nikitaa has with her voice is what brings this source of eloquence to the song. The music video matches this elegance that pours off of the song, and the natural charm of Nikitaa emulates easily onto listeners. We felt very stimulated by the music video for "Clutch". Nikitaa ensured that listeners were faced with a surplus of scene changes with a strong sense of enigmatical expressions, and that's what truly won us over with the design of the video. All in all, "Clutch" will gain your attention with ease, and Nikitaa's artistic persona will leave you craving so much more from her. 

Listen along to "Clutch" by Nikitaa here #BUZZMUSIC