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Nikmoody Has One Question…Are You “MAD!?”

The Long Island-based rapper and grunge rock/hip-hop recording artist nikmoody embraces the weird with his fiery single and music video, "MAD!?"

Since the passing of his ex-girlfriend, nikmoody has been on a relentless journey to reach his destiny. Having performed at SXSW, headlined at SOB's, freestyled on Shade 45, and opened for acts like Wyclef Jean, Dizzy Wright, and KOTA The Friend, the versatile recording artist made that dream a reality.

Inspired by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Atmosphere, J.Cole, and Nirvana, listeners, can hear nikmoody's love for boom-bap hip-hop and grunge-rock through his vast discography. Recently releasing hit newest hit, "MAD!?," nikmoody leans more towards the energetic side of modern-day hip-hop in this confident and playfully braggadocious banger.

Hitting play on the song, "MAD!?," the track opens with a heated contemporary hip-hop beat and nikmoody's vivacious energy and charisma, flowing through our speakers with the utmost confidence. While he shifts from the high-energy hook to his poised and witty verses, nikmoody flows a message of embracing the inner weird and taking risks to achieve your wildest dreams.

Talk about embracing the inner weird—nikmoody's music video for "MAD!?" brings us to a wild house party with appearances from the Mad Hatter, a pornstar, a piñata, a shattered guitar, and a 72 Stingray. While nikmoody throws himself around the jam and the crowd chants along to his catchy hook, we start to feel some serious FOMO after watching such a carefree, thrilling, and unforgettable bash like this.

Well...are you "MAD!?" Find nikmoody's anthemic new single on all digital streaming platforms, and watch the music video on YouTube.

We can't get enough of the energy and confidence of nikmoody's latest single, "MAD!?" What has it been like working with Nikmoody from a managerial perspective?

Working with Nikmoody has been a truly amazing time. With Mad, Nikmoody was able to go back to one of his videos, Buzzfeed, and incorporate various elements of it into "Mad." He also was able to sample some of These Walls as a major reference to create this amazing video with his long-time friend, Luke DiCola. It was amazing to see Nikmoody organize and bring the people with whom he truly has done music together and just have fun. The crew that he cast was all people who genuinely appreciated and wanted to see his music thrive in the journey. After Mad was released, there was this spark.

The latest single "MAD!?" didn't really capture Nikmoody's affinity with grunge-rock. Should we expect more hip-hop songs this year, or might he lean into grunge-rock again?

The thing that Nik wants or I think he wants out of this new album is for everyone to accept themselves. As creatives, we try to be one emotion and just that. This album will call on various different emotions, and you need to be okay with accepting all of them. Madhouse has been one of my most anticipated projects to share with people, and so happy that around May you get to hear it! So Stay Tuned and be prepared.

What's next for Nikmoody?

Nikmoody is dropping his first album, Madhouse! It is really a statement for him because he has accepted who he truly is...MOODY! A person who accepts all forms of his emotion from happiness to sadness. I want everyone to be able to see the journey he has taken with his life now as an artist. This album would not be where it needs to be without the amazing help of producer, Blvff, who is an amazing, inspirational engineer for Root Deep Productions. When the album was in the makings, both made a dedication to each other that every Thursday I believe around 10 am haha, to work on some element of music to really get it going. Mad was the welcoming party to the Madhouse.


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