Nilly Noy Gives Us Energy & Flare in Latest Track "Comigo"

Contemporary R&B/pop artist Nilly Noy is breaking through the music scene with his unparalleled capabilities as an artist. We appreicate the type of eccentric energy Nilly Noy presents in his tracks, and we can't help but notice the urban elements Nilly relinquishes into his curations. We know Nilly Noy's tracks will make it huge in the pop music community, especially since his addicting and memorable flow resonates so well with what the genre calls for!

Let's just start off saying that there's a heavy vibe in Nilly Noy's latest release "Comigo". We genuinely felt as if all the stress from our body released once this track came on. "Comgio" is undoubtedly one of those tracks that make you (force you) to move your body along to its catchy and harmonious tempo. Nilly Noy perfectly captures the feel-good, stress-free environment within his track, and we can already label it the most fitting summer 2019 track. Nilly Noy fuses together his bilingualism in "Comigo", showcasing both his Canadian and Portuguese roots, creating a track that holds that omnious and sultry rhythm. Saidah features on "Comigo", and the vocal dynamics of her voice complement, and quite literally blend intricately, with Nilly's tone. The two create an overall sound that is unique to the listener, creating a fun and vibrant ambiance. It's this type of ambiance that gets the listener hooked on the catchy, feel-good energy the song pushes into you! We love the track, we know the BuzzMusic community will love the track, and we highly suggest you check it out.

Give a listen to "Comigo" here, and continue reading for our interview with Nilly Noy!


Hey Nilly Noy! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start off by introducing yourself, and who you are as an artist, to our readers?

Hi Buzz music! I am a Latin urban pop artist from Toronto. My music merges from português to English. Latin, Angolan flavour with hip hop influence. 

What inspired you to write "Comigo"?

Comigo was inspired by my parents, like most of songs and dreamed about the song.

What would you say is the most integral element you integrate within your music? What was the most important aspect of curating "Comigo"?

I wanted to combine Portuguese and English in my music. I want to bring and Canadian and my Portuguese culture together.

Who would you collaborate with on your next track if given the chance to choose any artist?

If I had to collaborate with any artist would be Anitta and Bad Bunny.

Are you working on any new projects? 

I’m currently working on the next, which I’m hoping to release next month!


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