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Nina Chanel Does It, “Big”

Birmingham doesn't have the international reputation of Atlanta; it's a bigger, busier neighbor to the east. But Birmingham loves hip-hop just as much as Atlanta does — and it's loaded with young, hungry rappers who are ready to represent Alabama to the fullest.

That's where the "Big" dreams of Nina Chanel come into play. Joining artists like Yung Bleu and NoCap in the ranks of young Alabama artists making national waves from the Yellowhammer State, Nina Chanel's music epitomizes Alabama virtues.

As we tap into the larger-than-life single by the emerging artist, "Big" has us latching onto both the sonic and visual concepts. The enticing trap instrumentation is showcased with raucous synths and a Southern flair that can't be beaten. As soon as Nina Chanel's empowering vocal presence touches down on the track, you're exposed to the hunger she emanates.

Nina Chanel is more than sure of herself when performing with utter grace and confidence as a woman on a mission. It's impossible to deny how gifted Nina Chanel truly is, portraying her ambitions through slick cadences that breeze over the beat. In fact, it's written in the essence of the song. "Big" is a declaration of her ravenous appetite for the good life and a pure demonstration of her immense talent. Now for the eye-catching visuals that pair with this clever display of wordplay.

Putting her business cap on, Nina Chanel can be seen in purple-hued lighting having a business meeting and counting cash as she lays down the law to her associates. Killing an adversary in front of her crew, she does it without remorse and breaking a sweat. In other words - Nina Chanel is someone you don't want to mess with. Take in all that's "Big" on your favorite streaming platform today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Nina Chanel, and congratulations on the release of your latest single for "Big." You carry such strong confidence in your presence; what and who inspires the undeniable energy we see?

Thank you so much! The inspiration behind my strong confidence is most definitely my mother and my team. Even on occasions when I don't feel like I'm up for the challenge, they remind me that I'm built to take on anything!

In your own words, what does "Big" mean to you?

"Big" to me means giving it all you got! It means not taking anything for granted and appreciating EVERYTHING!

What made you go this particular route for the vision when planning the music video? What was it like on set filming the content?

My CEO and I always direct my videos like movies because we like for them to feel like more than just music videos. It was a fun learning experience shooting "Big." Watching everyone putting on their acting hats was the best part for me.

What is the best advice you have for female artists looking to make it in the music industry?

Stay consistent and confident. If you don't believe in what you're doing, how will anybody else?

What's next for you?

Next for me is definitely BIG things. Grammys, Billboard, modeling, really, the list is endless!

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