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Ninebay Jakub Has Gone Through The Motions But He “Found Love”

Coming out hot, the promised child of Dayton Ninebay Jakub fuels hard-won homespun rhymes. This Ohio rapper draws inspiration from fellow Midwesterner Kanye West, with nods to Jack Harlow and Mac Miller. After a tragic fall shattered his wrists and ended a promising football career, the lifetime fighter picked up his pen and pivoted to the cipher.

Releasing an anthem for lovers of all kinds, "Found Love" is the latest record to grace Ninebay Jakub's repertoire. This track's heartfelt and loving nature fuels a lulling ambiance that sets fire to never having a love quite like the one he describes.

Through a fixed jungle-Esque setting that Ninebay Jakub uses as his raw canvas to profess pure emotion, we see him passionately displaying his aura with slick lyricism as he takes on an animated performance. Although the composition falls over dark instrumentation that's riddled with hazy samples, Ninebay Jakub shows that there can't be light without the dark. As he bigs up the apple of his eye, he changes how his darker days have come over him.

The special effects emanated in the post-production has our attention focused on the screen and adds further depth to the powerful display of sentiment. The quick-cut scenes sculpt an intriguing dynamic, and although Ninebay Jakub stays in one place, you're drawn in at every given moment.

Embracing its essence as an elusive track to get you in your mind and heart, "Found Love" is the perfect song to steer you into your lover's arms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ninebay Jakub! Congratulations on releasing your latest song and video for "Found Love." We admire how you approach this song with such an open heart and confidence. Please share what inspired this record.

Thank you for having me! The inspiration for my song “Found Love” comes from my life experiences. I’m very well-versed in relationships (good and bad), but going into my latest relationship, it feels to me what I think love should feel like. And that is what inspired me to write “Found Love.”

In terms of the music video, what was it like on set, creating from such a place of passion? We love the ambiance you make in a very; your heart is a jungle metaphor.

Mogul always makes the set a good atmosphere. The whole area which we recorded was beautiful. And with it being sundown at the time of the shoot, it helped kind of feed into my passion for love. Everything seemed like we were in the right place at the right time.

How has the Florida music scene helped you shape your sound as an artist? Have you found any differences since making a move down there?

I don’t know if the Florida music scene has helped shape who I am as an artist. The music scene here in Florida is very helpful and welcoming. I’m blessed to have come across the people who I have met and who have helped me out along the way, but, who I am as an artist goes back to my roots in Ohio, and my sound, I feel, comes from that midwestern background I have.

What advice do you have for your audience stuck in the hurt love can bring?

Love is a lot like life. It has its ups and downs. To anyone stuck in that hurt that you mention... keep your head up as best you can. Focus on loving yourself. You can’t expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself. So, that’s what I would tell someone; love yourself, and eventually, that person who is meant for you will come along.

We are thrilled to hear you'll release your first full-length project this year! What can you tell us about this forthcoming masterpiece?

Yeah! Ninebay, the album, will be dropping later this year, and I can tell you that it’s a lot about love. There are songs about the highs of love and songs about the lows of love. And when I say "love," I don’t JUST mean boyfriend-girlfriend love... yes, there’s that too, but it also means the love you have for your friends and family. It’s not your traditional hip-hop album. I would say it’s more like an alternative pop/ hip-hop album. It has a grungy pop and hip-hop sound, and I’m excited to get it out to the world!


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