Nischal Raj Wants You to "Be the Change" in Your Life

Nischal Raj is a San Jose, California based Singer/Songwriter. Originally from India, he brought his talents to the west and settled in the United States to further his career. He has been active in the music industry for over 10 years and has had experience playing guitar in a number of different bands.

‘’Be the Change’’ is the most recent release by Nischal Raj. He displays his courage and determination to make a change and live his life authentically. It’s a feel-good song which also motivates its listeners as he instills hope by singing ‘’the road is not over yet, it’s a new place to start’’ and ‘’be the change you want’’. He sings smoothly accompanied by acoustic and electric guitars, piano and drums. The song falls into the soft rock category. The message that he is trying to bring across in ‘’Be the Change’’ is that change starts from within, and once that happens then individuals are able to make a change in the world and impact others and their environment.

The single is out now and available on all streaming platforms, and be sure to look out for future releases by Nischal Raj, as he has a lot more in store for his listeners.

Stream "Be the Change" on Spotify.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Nischal Raj! We're thrilled to feature you and are big fans of your music. Could you tell us what lead to you coming up with your latest release ‘’Be The Change’’?

“Be the Change” is the follow up single post the release of my first single “Is This the Way” which was my first global release as an independent artist. The amazing response received from people all across a post this release motivated me to come up with this follow up single.

How would you describe the differences in the music industry in your homeland of India, compared to where you are now in the United States?

The music industry here in US and back in India are different and unique in their own ways. While there is a lot of stress on film music back in India with independent music emerging strongly in recent times the music industry here is quite independent and has a more global reach. The internet is definitely playing a major role in music in both places. Indian music is diverse in its own ways but still includes similar music genres like Rock, Pop, Hip hop and Folk which are the major genres here. I want to bring together the best of both styles through my music and reach a global audience.

You have been a musician for more than 10 years, that kind of experience is very impressive, and your experience can be heard in the quality of your music. Could we expect ‘’Be The Change’’ to be part of an album or body of work?

Thanks for the great feedback. The song “Be the Change” has been released as an independent single. There is a plan to work off a full-fledged EP/album in the latter half of this year. But at this point, it's not sure whether this will be part of that project but people can expect more music coming forward this year.

Being that its 2020 and the start of a new decade, what are some of the things you are hoping to achieve within these next 10 years?

I am looking forward to creating quality music over the next decade and developing further as a musician. I have plans to explore different music genres over the years and evolve further as an artist. I believe music can have a great impact on people and I hope to create music that really inspires. I also look forward to performing more as well over the years and do some collaborations as well.

What can fans anticipate next from you?

I am planning to release 2 more singles over the next 2-3 months. These are a bit different from the prior released singles with respect to the song theme and music production. I hope fans get to see different aspects of my songwriting/music through these songs and follow me on this musical journey.