Nisey Rashad Showcases her Emotionally Driven Lyrics with the Release of Her New Single, “Negro"

As a promising up and comer in the music scene, this Los Angeles based recording artist gives purpose to the meaning double entendre as she blends Hip-hop and Neo-Soul showcasing defiant and vulnerable topics. Her sultry and uplifting sounds show you why she is here to stay as a powerful femme in the industry.

“Negro,” starts off with a moving bass line that instantly gets you in the groove for the soulful vocals that are introduced.

There is a certain emotion that Rashad carries in the fierce yet soothing delivery of her well-crafted lyrics and cadence. She puts her unique twist on the Hip-hop, Neo-Soul fusion, all while relaying an influential message throughout this nostalgic uplifting melody.

When the beat drops out at the bridge and all that is left are her vocals, you truly see how they deserve a spotlight of their own. Her layers and harmonies fit together like graceful puzzle pieces, taking you on a deeper journey into the passion she exudes on this record.

The abrupt stop of the song hits you like the message behind the carefully executed lyrics she puts on display for the audience to listen to attentively.

“Negro,” leaves you wanting to go back and take in all that was left on the table in terms of openness, rhythm, groove, and soul.

We can truly say that we are here for all that is Nisey Rashad and her heartfelt tunes. “Negro,” is a single that will be in our queue while we anticipate her next release.

Congratulations on the release of your single, “Negro.” What is the story behind the meaning of this song?

Thank you and I really appreciate your support. I'm still trying to put the meaning into words. It's like asking me what is the story behind being black. I can try to tell you, but, I would rather you know how it feels. Negro is my attempt at expressing some of the positivity that comes with those feelings. 

Do you find it difficult to showcase your vulnerability for the world to see and hear when creating your music? Why do you think it is important to do so?

Music is my outlet so I enjoy being vulnerable when I'm creating. The difficult part is showcasing it to the world. As much as I want to relate to others I prefer to keep to myself. However, I understand sometimes it's not about you and more about how your story can be used to create something greater than you. 

How was the creative process different for, “Negro,” versus the other songs you have released?

I'm more secure with who I am as an artist and as a person. I think Negro shows that growth.

You're known for discussing vulnerable topics in your lyrics. Can you tell us about your writing process

I'm not sure I have a real process. I try to imagine the perfect setting for a difficult conversation. What sounds would play in the background and will they amplify my emotions or subdue them. The words kind of come on their own. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Voting for Kamala Harris.