Nix Is Shining Bright With Her Latest Single, "Fools"

Toronto, CA, based Pop artist Nix releases a radiant summer single titled, "Fools."

Developing her passion for music and writing at a young age, Nix went from singing in jazz ensembles and studying violin to reaching semi-finalist positions in competitions like The Music City Songstar Competition, UK Songwriting Competition, International Songwriting Competition, and The Great American Song Contest

With her latest heated single "Fools," Nix takes us through her modern-day pop sound and shines a light on self-worth. With an energetic electro-pop instrumental, Nix leaves space for the listener to grasp her message and dance the night away. 

Opening with playful synths and keyboard progressions, "Fools" sets the energetic tone early on. As Nix graces the track with her powerhouse vocals, she creates this irresistible sensation that pulls us in for more.

The instrumentation resides down the path of progressive house and vibrant pop, with dynamic twists and climactic escalations all leading towards an exhilarating beat drop. Nix sings empowering lyrics of finding the truth in all situations and moving on for the better. She easily portrays this beaming confidence, which can be heard through each compelling lyric she delivers. The hi-fi instrumentals keep the listener's toes tapping, and the attention locked into Nix's passionate performance. 

An animated track that keeps your energy and self-worth at a high, Nix's single "Fools" truly takes you on an electric ride. 

Hi Nix, thanks for joining us at BuzzMusic. It's great to chat with you. What inspired your new single "Fools" and its lyrical message of moving forward from the past?

I wrote this song pre-COVID 19, but I think it’s most relatable right now during this pandemic, when people aren’t going on traditional in-person dates, and our main way of finding love or something casual has been through our phones and computers.

“Fools” is about the toxic online dating culture, and how shitty it feels to be ghosted and led on. In terms of the song’s message, I realized one day that enough is enough, and I will no longer let people make me feel like a fool, for their foolish actions.

The production within your single "Fools" is incredibly textured and delivers an electrifying atmosphere. Did you have help with the track's production, and what was the sonic creative process like?

Thank you! All credit on the production goes to my producer Nick Schwarz. He is a genius. I remember when I first heard it, I was so excited to start writing to it. I like to add a little flavor here and there… more bass here, a little fewer vocals there, etc. but Nick is the foundation of the production.

Within "Fools," we're able to hear this broad and energetic electro-pop sound. Does your music usually reside with this electronic pop approach?

Pop music is what I grew up on, it’s what I still listen to, and I am a huge fan of other electro-pop artists like Ellie Goulding and Lady Gaga. That being said, however, electro-pop isn’t a sub-genre that I stick to… I like to explore many types of pop - but this particular sub-genre is definitely a favorite of mine!

We've noticed that you've worked with a variety of notable producers and songwriters. How have these professional sessions helped your music flourish, and how have these creators impacted your career?

Working with high-profile producers and songwriters has helped me take my career to the next level. Being a musician is all about having killer music - and a hit song. So it helps when you are working with the best of the best to make that happen. I am so humbled and grateful to have worked with a number of talented writers and producers to help me unleash my true potential.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

Though it feels like the world came to an absolute halt this year, the saving grace for me was art. I took a nosedive into music, films, and tv shows that kept me inspired. Stay tuned for another single after “Fools” and some exciting merch that I will be launching! Hopefully, by 2021 we can get back on the road and do some live shows.

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