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Nixxie Spreads Love In Her Debut Single And Music Video, "Dance, Dance, Dancing Guns"

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, singer-songwriter, rapper, and aspiring director Nixxie gets us up and moving with her transcendent debut single, "Dance, Dance, Dancing Guns."

Born Pheonix Melnick, Nixxie fell in love with the creativity music expressed at the mere age of eight, battling b-boys and b-girls three times her age in Montreal's burgeoning hip-hop scene. With a dancer and visionary artist mother and a radio-personality father, Nixxie was exposed to an array of diverse sounds that helped her become the honest, explorative, and rebellious artist she is today.

Taking us by surprise was Nixxie's dynamic and groove-inducing debut single, "Dance, Dance, Dancing Guns," which sonically resides between the realms of electro-pop and alternative. There's something about Nixxie's allure and artistic appeal that moves mountains, especially in this debut single; her whispery vocals paired with the chilling and groovy sonics are nothing but a treat for the ears.

Diving headfirst into the new single, "Dance, Dance, Dancing Guns," the song opens with a spacey, ethereal synth arrangement alongside a blissful, reverbed electric guitar. Once Nixxie floats her way into the first verse with nothing but poise and composure, she whispers her chilling vocals through our speakers alongside an airy alternative drum arrangement that gets us moving and grooving.

While Nixxie continues to sing a universal message of everyone needing a dose of love from time to time, she makes her way over to the exciting and gripping bridge that breaks down into this spacious, psychedelic, and bold sonic landscape. Not to mention the soulful addition of a cool, calm, and collected saxophone, the song then makes its way to the outro with the utmost passion and exuberance.

Get your groove on with Nixxie's exhilarating debut single, "Dance, Dance, Dancing Guns," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Nixxie. We're thrilled to speak with you about your explorative and dynamic debut single, "Dance, Dance, Dancing Guns." Was there anything in particular that inspired you to create this single?

Thank you for having me. Yes, absolutely. Dancing Guns is inspired by the thought that at any moment, our entire lives can shift. While one person is having the time of their lives, another is feeling as though they're losing control of theirs or literally losing theirs. Whether it's dancing with the Gods or dancing with the Devils, peace and violence, beauty, and wickedness, love, and pain never cease to coexist. I'm very inspired and intrigued by the intertwinements of life. There's also a storyline of how the song came about that I will share with you off the record ;)

Where would you say "Dance, Dance, Dancing Guns" falls in terms of genres and style? Did you have anyone help navigate where you wanted to take the production and instrumentals?

It dives through the dimensions of many genres. One can say it is a deep house/pop/electronic record that is reminiscent of the 80s. Nival created a really cool loop that had a late-night drive feel to it. I recorded my vocals on that; Then Trsty and I partnered up and built the entire song up and around that. We made it a point to incorporate all elements of music. As the song developed, we created what it asked us to. James Brown once visited me in a dream and said, "making music is having a conversation. The music speaks to you, you reply, and the conversation keeps flowing."

What was the significance of the sonic breakdown on the bridge, which sounded like an attack of some sort? How does this aspect of the song emphasize the meaning behind "Dance, Dance, Dancing Guns?"

The song is a ride of sorts. It's taking you through a gritty yet graceful portrait of a midnight town. At first listen, many people may not hear the message within the lyrics or the story the song is telling. The Gunshots, sirens, and yelling were my way of making it obvious that while this may sound like a cool, laid-back dance record, it's also packed with messages, tackling today's current events in their face. It adds a touch of cinema to the piece as well (I adore film). The intensity of the breakdown is followed by calmness. Some days we wake up feeling on top of the world. Other days we wake up feeling as though our world is crashing down. It's something I never seize to experience and think about.

What did you want to make the listener think and feel after experiencing your single, "Dance, Dance, Dancing Guns?"

I selfishly make music for myself; I make what I want to hear/what I feel is missing. I cannot say what I intend for them to feel or think– I can only hope that they feel something. Think something! My music is driven by pure emotion, so I know that as long as I'm putting the truth out into the matrix, there will be those who it touches.

Since "Dance, Dance, Dancing Guns" is your debut, how does it help us get to know more about you and your music? Why did you want this track to be your big introduction?

I believe the song tells you that I care deeply about what I release. It gives you a glimpse into my musical palette. It tells you we took the time we needed to make something special. I never intended this to be my big introduction, but a preview rather of what's to come.

What's next for Nixxie?

"I want the world chico and everything in it." There's a mystique about the artists I grew up listening to. That air of mystery and unpredictability has always been a part of me. So, without giving away too much, I will say that my debut project is what dreams are made of, and when it does come out, I hope that the music speaks for me.


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