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NLU MARU Welcomes, "Change"

With a passion for rapping and singing beginning at the age of twelve, Chicago’s very own NLU MARU is a new face for the rap scene to take in. Astounding wordplay, vivid symbolism, and harmonious tunes capture the essence of the 21-year-old as his influences derive from acts such as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and G Herbo to name a few.

Playing into the fact that he is the epitome of never taking his foot off the gas, NLU MARU exhibits this perseverance in his most recent EP, “Birds of the Wilderness.”

Catching our attention with a particular song hailing from the four-song project, “Change” has our anticipation heightened, and our appetite ready to consume the lyrical feast that NLU MARU prepares with uttermost care. As the instrumentation sweeps the soundwaves in an exhilarating field, chalked full of triumphant crests and basins, there’s a victorious nature that is etched into the production right off the bat.

Taking this moment to raise the bar, and let us peek into his kaleidoscope of emotions that drive the ambitious rapper, we get to hear the vivacious lyrical motifs of “Change” making their mark on our very being. ‘I ain’t never gone change. Act strange when they get a piece of change,’ are the words that sit with us the most throughout this self-assured piece.

Knowing who he is as a person and artist, NLU MARU drives home the fact that will never forget his roots on the come-up to success. Embodying the signature hunger, and skill set that all great emcees carry with them, NLU MARU takes us into his world with the belief that he will make it at all costs.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, NLU MARU, and congratulations on releasing your four-track project, 'Birds of the Wilderness.' To you, what makes "Change" the standout track from the collection? What does this record mean to you?

Thank you! Change is a standout track because it's a banger with a message behind it, from the 808s to the chorus to the rhyme scheme. This record means so much to me because it comes from a place of experience & knowledge.

The flow of this project sits so well on the ears. Are there any songs that didn't make it to the EP that you wish did? What determined the current tracklist that we hear?

There is one song that I wish was on the EP and it's called, "Blame The Internet." The song is about how social media/technology ruined the social aspect of life. The narrative & my emotions are what determine the current tracklist.

What do you hope your audience can take away from the messaging you bring forth in "Change?" What did you take away from the creation of this song?

What I want my audience to take away from my track "Change" is always to stay authentic & be themselves. Never be something you're not or alter yourself for others. What I took away from the track "Change" was to keep working & applying pressure musically.

What happens to be your proudest career moment to date? Why?

The proudest moment in my career to date was when I dropped 'Birds Of The Wilderness' because I'm telling how it is in "The Wilderness" while spreading various pivotal messages.

What's next for you, NLU MARU?

I'm dropping soon. Stay Tuned! & Stream 'Birds Of The Wilderness' on all Platforms.

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