"No Matter" What Happens, Gran Cavallo’s New Song Will Keep You Dancing

Combining Groove and rock n’ roll has never sounded so good. Gran Cavallo has delivered a top-notch new song with a message we can get behind.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing is going your way? You feel like the world is wearing you down, but you still must carry on. Apparently, Gran Cavallo has had a few of those days too as you can hear in his new song "No Matter". With salacious vocals that you can’t help but get lost in and the dancing chords of an electric guitar, this song perfectly combines groove and rock n’ roll.

Gran Cavallo, also known as Jack Berry, has had a successful career in music thus far. He is no stranger to the music scene, having played at festivals like Toronto’s North by North East and SXSW’s Red Gorilla Festival to name a few, as well as winning the Hard Rock Cafe's North American battle of the bands. Originally from Reno, Nevada, the songster left Los Angeles to move to Tennessee where he would find the perfect environment for his unique music to flourish. It was in Music City that he perfected the sounds that we have all come to know and love. Gran Cavallo’s groove-heavy rock n’ roll, drips with swagger and sexiness. The beat will propel you to your feet, while Jack’s voice will make you melt. This combination of effects is intoxicating, and it’s hard to stop listening to Jack’s music once you start; "No Matter" what you do.

Hello Gran Cavallo, welcome to Buzz Music and thank you for being here. Your voice has left us speechless over here, yet the beat has us brimming with energy. How would you describe the production process of creating such a dynamic song?

Well thank you kindly for saying so. With the production approach on this song and the upcoming tracks I had made a conscience decision to place the drums and bass as the focal points, as opposed to building around a riff or a hook. Having that backbone there gives so much more space to either respect or take advantage of.

In "No Matter," you sing about having an off day, yet not letting it disrupt your rhythm. This is a very important message for people to hear because we often find ourselves being a victim to our circumstances. What advice would you give a fan whois going through a rough time?

An “off day” is one way to put it for sure. I think not becoming a victim is the trickiest of maneuvers. Most all situations I find myself in have stemmed from decisions I’ve made leading up to that circumstance which was a perspective I let take the first foot on this song. It’s the, “well, you got yourself into this - now get out.” One thing about matters of the heart however, is you don’t necessarily learns the lessons right away and quite likely you find yourself in similar situations time and time again. There’s a good deal of forgiveness you have to give yourself there because the head and the heart don’t always run hand in hand but as long as you keep moving things figure themselves out.

You have garnered quite a lot of success as Jack Berry. Can you tell us why you decided to create the Gran Cavallo project as well?

I wanted to present the music and the performance with more atmosphere, with more vibe and open endedness. I wanted to let the songs breathe without the notion there’s a singular perspective or personality at the helm. And Gran Cavallo looks cooler on a teeshirt.

You were born and raised in Reno, Nevada and eventually, you moved to Tennessee for music. What effect do you think these two places have had on your sound?

Reno is this oddly charming little paradox and as a kid I struggled with what that meant to me and of me. As I’ve gotten older and stopped trying to control the narrative so much I start to embrace that dichotomy of my home town and myself and it translates into the music as well. It’s a whole hell of a lot easier to just create without a filtration system of what you believe you’re intended to provide to people. I think as long as what you’re drawing from is with honesty, people will resonate with it. If you’re full of shit you get sniffed out quick. Especially in a music town like Nashville. I’m constantly challenged as a player and a writer here and I love that. “Be better, suck less” is my motto.

What can fans anticipate next from you?

Going to be laying out singles over the next few months leading up to an EP, playing out through the summer in the meantime. This thing’s just getting going and I don’t intend it to stop anytime soon.