"No Matter" What Happens, Gran Cavallo’s New Song Will Keep You Dancing

Combining Groove and rock n’ roll has never sounded so good. Gran Cavallo has delivered a top-notch new song with a message we can get behind.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing is going your way? You feel like the world is wearing you down, but you still must carry on. Apparently, Gran Cavallo has had a few of those days too as you can hear in his new song "No Matter". With salacious vocals that you can’t help but get lost in and the dancing chords of an electric guitar, this song perfectly combines groove and rock n’ roll.

Gran Cavallo, also known as Jack Berry, has had a successful career in music thus far. He is no stranger to the music scene, having played at festivals like Toronto’s North by North East and SXSW’s Red Gorilla Festival to name a few, as well as winning the Hard Rock Cafe's North American battle of the bands. Originally from Reno, Nevada, the songster left Los Angeles to move to Tennessee where he would find the perfect environment for his unique music to flourish. It was in Music City that he perfected the sounds that we have all come to know and love. Gran Cavallo’s groove-heavy rock n’ roll, drips with swagger and sexiness. The beat will propel you to your feet, while Jack’s voice will make you melt. This combination of effects is intoxicating, and it’s hard to stop listening to Jack’s music once you start; "No Matter" what you do.