Noah Horne Takes Us to a New Place With “Party With the Lights Off”

Noah Horne is an up-tempo pop artist from Norfolk, UK.  Surrounded by encouraging people and artistic influences, Noah has had the fortitude and talent to become a great artist.  He brings different elements to his music, including playing the harp in many of his songs.  This kind of creativeness led him to the creation of a trilogy of songs (Seventeen, Astronaut, and Lift-Off).  His latest single, “Party With the Lights Off”, has Noah venturing into a newer dance-pop sound.  “Party With the Lights Off” presents a good vibe, but at the same time makes listeners feel like they are getting wild at a club.

As with many dance-pop songs, “Party With the Lights Off” begins with a synth line.  This line is used to get the rhythm of the track going.  As the drums emerge, we feel the strong sub-punchy club vibes.  However, the song really begins to peak when Noah’s vocals are introduced.   He isn’t necessarily singing the whole time, but there are speaking parts.  The tonal qualities of his voice add to the vibe, and when he sings it’s like an extra gem in the song.  “Party With the Lights Off” also has a breakdown that takes the song to a new place momentarily.  “Party With the Lights Off” takes listeners on a dance-like journey through the club.

Hey Noah Horne! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Our team is really happy to be representing you and your new single “Party with the Lights Off”. Growing up, you mentioned that you had the opportunity to go on a teen TV show, did that experience make you realize then that that wasn’t for you? Or do you still have some aspirations to go back onto television?

Oh my goodness, you and your team have literally gone to the moon and back for me - I'm actually so honored you guys are premiering and representing me. Yes - 'Party with the lights off' is my newest song and I'm actually so psyched to share it with you all. There's been a couple of opportunities as a teen, where I had the opportunity to go on television, but never got through past the stages. In some ways, I'm glad I didn't get cast in TV shows because it wouldn't have s