Nocturnal Animals Asks, “Where’s My Mind Been?”

Three skeletal figures come emerging from the alt-rock depths in a shroud of emo-punk. Adelaide's Nocturnal Animals make a huge return and are already leaving their mark on 2022 with the release of their latest single.

Known for their high-energy anthems, recounting angst-ridden tales with distinctively thematic stylings, Nocturnal Animals have produced six smashing singles since their debut in 2020, with last year's release of 'Outside' and 'Articuno Makes Waves' demonstrating the band's continued sonic growth.

Ready to douse us in their latest alt-rock grooves, we get the bolstered essence of the latest single release, "Where's My Mind Been?." Infiltrating our speakers with an alluring notion surrounding this soundscape, the amplified sounds emitted in this record truly take over all of our nostalgic teenage angst. Nocturnal Animals wrote this song about the desperate yearning to go back and change things.

The narrative delves into the chunk of time after a relationship ends where you begin to lose yourself in regret and what could have been swarming your mind. Diving deep beneath the surface, we hear colossal percussion, rich guitar riffs, and the gravitational pull of a grunge-like tone amalgamating with a smoldering vocal performance.

Nocturnal Animals has a knack for making a monumental atmosphere of energy and emotion with their records. Fitting right into this description, "Where's My Mind Been?" has us standing up from our seats to headbang to this impeccably written song. The intoxicating chorus sparks up a flame within ourselves which has us unleashing our vivacity in a pool of lyrical chants and memorability at its finest moments.

Coming into 2022 strong, it's clear that Nocturnal Animals knows exactly how to draw their fans towards their charismatic realism. Listen to "Where's My Mind Been?" on your favorite streaming platform today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Nocturnal Animals, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Where's My Mind Been?." You truly take us into the deepest part of our thoughts all while keeping it fairly lighthearted. Is this an approach that you tend to take to your songwriting?

YES! You must sugarcoat the sadness to get the listener in and then you hit them with the emotion, it gives the opportunity for repeat listens that intensify with each serving. Essentially it's like crack, you know it's bad for you but you keep coming back.

Could you please shine a light on the creative process of this record? What memorable moments have shaped this release to give you that fulfilling feeling?

"Where's My Mind Been?" is one that punters have been singing at our live shows before we even released it. People asked for it, we had to put it out!

How does this track compare to your previously released single, 'Outside?' What does "Where's My Mind Been?" say about you as a band?

'Outside' was a Mars Bar, 'Where's My Mind Been?' is like a Snickers, the same with more nuts! And we like nutsacks.... uh Ummm we meant to say nuts.

What advice do you have for your audience when tackling themes like the ones expressed in this song?

Our advice to the person reading this who is going through a breakup is time heals all wounds, the more you scream LA LA LA the more it silences the demons'. For real though, it will be ok, we grow from these moments and it's ok to be sad just don't stay in that moment for too long. Nocturnal Animals love you wherever you are, if you see us at a bar we'll have a rum and coke together and talk through it.